What is BTCBoom.org? Is BTCBoom Scam or Legit?

What is BTCBoom.org? Is BTCBoom Scam or Legit?

If you want to know more about BTCBoom.org then you are reading the right article. Online investment market in cryptocurrency is growing in hourly basis. Many people already invested in the bitcoin and many wanted to do now. But many people using this new market advancement in looting the people through ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes worked when organization pay to its new members from the money invested by new members. Some question may arise, is BTCBoom Legit? Or is BTCBoom Scam? Or is BTCBoom Fake? Or is BTCBoom Real? To get the answer of these questions read our BTCBoom Review. If you want to get the answer immediately, then we do Not Recommend this site for any kind of investment. Companies are offering high returns to loot the people. We advise you to avoid it.

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What is Btcboom.org Is Btcboom Scam or Legit Is Btcboom Real or Fake Btcboom Review Btcboom

How does BTCBoom works?

BTCBoom is claiming to be a bitcoin trading and mining company. They are in business from 2014 and their core business is bitcoin trading on platform such as Bitfinex. They also claim to be operating 3 bitcoin farms around the world. These are the very big things to be claim. They have also said that BTCBoom is a registered company from Hong Kong and one can find the details and documentation on the site. Firstly, we also become amazed by all the claims done by them and then we tried to get document from their site. But they did not provided any document. They are just saying that they are a registered company but they did not provide any certificate for the same. It means they are not doing what they are preaching.

On contrary of big claims, they hide the information of owner in the WHOIS record. Which sign towards a foul smell on their website? They did not provide any name of information of owner and professionals who are going to handle the people money on their website. It means that they are lacking the fundament of Investment Company i.e. trust and transparency. How could anybody trust on them when they are not doing what they are claiming on their website?

Investment plans are good and fascinating for those, who want to get high returns in short period of time i.e. on hourly basis. They have three investment plan, first 0.17% hourly which turnout to be 4% daily forever on the minimum investment of 0.002BTC and maximum investment of 0.01BTC. Second plan provide 0.6% hourly which result in 6% interest daily forever on minimum deposit of 0.011BTC and maximum 0.15 BTC. The third and the last plan offer 0.42% hourly which turn out to be 10% daily forever on the minimum deposit of 0.151BTC and maximum 10BTC.

They have a 3 level of affiliate programs on their website. From direct affiliate member will earn 5% of their investment total. On second and third level they are offering 1% of commission. Which implies that member will earn from every referral one of member affiliate makes. The company offer is good and attract people towards it programs. But the numbers are high for any entity to run for a long time and also acquire profit every time. Their business model is not reliable and it going to collapse in coming time. We will advise you not to invest your money in such company which has zero credibility as well as reliability.


We do Not Recommend this site due to reasons stated above. There are many discrepancies shown by BTCBoom in their claims. They are not providing reliable proof of their authenticity. You should avoid this site and make sure your money safely invested in some other trusted company. Do not run towards making money easily because in this pursuit you may end in losing our own money.

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If you have any query left unattended about BTCBoom then please free to comment in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.