What is BTC Clicks? Is btcclicks.com Scam?

If you are looking for BTC Clicks reviews in order to find out answers of queries like What is BTC Clicks? Whether BTC Clicks Scam or Legit and Whether BTC Clicks Real or Fake ? If so, then you came into the right page. In this BTC Clicks review, we will talk about BTC Clicks background, BTC Clicks complaints and BTC Clicks drawbacks.

In BTC Clicks, you can earn free bitcoins by viewing ads but we do not recommend you to work in BTCClicks because we have found many complaints from BTCClicks members over the internet for getting their account suspended after the withdraw request. We also find many payment  proofs, which seems that site is paying selectively. If any user can not withdraw their hard earned money from the site we do not recommend that site. We also added this site into our “Not Recommended” list Actually, We only recommend the company where everyone get their payment on time ,Where there is no risk to work, Where you can make full-time income online  and the company is established from long time. If you ask from us such type of company, then that type of our recommended company is Wealthy Affiliate, You can find more details about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

Let’s start our BTC Clicks review as given below.

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What is BTC Clicks Is btcclicks.com a Scam or Legit, BTC Clicks real or fake, BTC Clicks Review

Background of BTC Clicks

There is no information provided on their actual website about who owns or run this website. More than that, BTC Clicks domain as btcclicks.com was registered privately on 5th of April 2013. As domain also privately registered so it is hard to identify that who is operating this site. If any site owner does not come in front of their members then there is always risk to work on that type of site and which is the case with BTC Clicks.

How to Earn money in BTC Clicks

BTC Clicks is  a Paid to click site in which you can earn bitcoins by viewing ads. In BTC Clicks you can find number of ads by clicking on  “Surf  Ads” button. You can there get ads worth from 0.00020 mBTC to 0.00027 mBTC. Premium members will earn 200% from their own ad click, They can earn up 0.00054 mBTC on each ad click.

In BTC Clicks, Members can earn more money with the help of referrals. There are two type of referrals first one is rented referrals and other is direct referrals. If you have worked on other paid to click sites then you already know that rental referrals is not a good practice to earn money. Most of the time rental referrals become inactive so you can also lose your investment.

You can earn more money in BTC Clicks by referring other peoples to the site. They have unlimited referral program. Standard members will get 80% commission on their referral each ad click where as premium members will be get 160% commission on referrals each ad click. If you do not have enough referrals, then you earning would be low. In order to earn good income in these type of sites you must need to get direct referrals. If you do not know how to get direct referrals, then there is a one company which provide training and guide you to get free direct referrals. You can know more about that company by clicking <<–HERE–>>

In BTC Clicks, The minimum cashout limit is 0.10000 mBTC. They will charge you 1.5% fee and you need to wait 24 hours to receive payments. But, there is no charge if you withdraw money when your minimum balance reach to 10.00000 mBTC.

A legit paid to click site always have a forum but BTC Clicks does not have any forum. If user want to complaint about something where they will do. Many scam sites does not have forum, if they have forum then their forum will be full of complaints and spams. Support is also not good if some people ask questions by contacting the support team of BTC Clicks, they will hardly get their answers.


As we mentioned before, there are many complaints against BTC Clicks for suspending the accounts of members. The owner details is also hidden and they also don’t have a forum, So we do not recommend you to work in this site. However, It is free to join so you can give it a try but we recommend you to never invest money on this site.

Now, If you want to work on the company from where you can earn for your life time, Then we recommend you to join Wealthy Affilite. Wealthy Afffiliate is a training program, If you will take training from Wealthy Affiliate and apply what you learned there, You will 100% going to make decent money. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate you can read our detail review on wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link

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  1. I added money to my purchase balance so i could rent referrals but every time i try there is no referral and they say come back at a different time but i go back and it’s the same thing

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