What is Btcpool.io? Is Btcpool Scam or Legit?

Hello friends, are you searching for Btcpool.io? If yes, then you are reading the perfect article which will give you the complete information about this website. We know that you have many questions about Btcpool which is legit to arise because you are interested in working with this site or such websites. You may have questions like, Is Btcpool a Scam? Or Is Btcpool Real? Or Is Btcpool Fake? Or Is Btcpool Legit? How does this Company work? What are their plans, offers and many more? Do not panic, we will give you all the answers which are stated and we think that this is our duty to aware people about this and such sites. If you want to know the answers of all the questions then you will have to read our complete article but if you do not have that much time then we can give you a brief and big truth about this site which is that  we “Do Not Recommend” this site to our readers because this is a Ponzi Scheme.

While surfing the internet you will definitely interact with many websites in which some will genuine and other will fake. So here the question is that how can you recognize that a website is genuine or fake? Do not worry; we are here as usual for making people aware about doubtful sites because there are many greedy people who are always ready to scam innocent people by which they can make money what we do not want. So we have made a list of avoided sites by watching them you can be safe from such sites. To see them you can visit here: https://onlineincomeresources.com/work-at-home-scams

How it could be possible that we will tell you only about not recommended sites, our duty is also to aware people about genuine sites. So for you, we have made a list of a genuine site on our website. To see them you can visit here: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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What is Btcpool.io Is Btcpool Scam or Legit Is Btcpool Real or Fake Btcpool Review, Btcpool

How does Btcpool.io work? Why we do not recommend it?

As above we told you that we have made a list of Not Recommended sites on our website where we have already added this site into our not recommend section. Btcpool is a working as a Ponzi scheme and we never recommend people to work with Ponzi scheme. So don’t invest your money in this website because this is a worthless platform.

Btcpool Company offers many exciting plans in which many innocent people can easily be trapped so be aware. According to Btcpool Company, you just have to register yourself on their website and you can earn up to 30 Satoshi per day for free.

This Company has four different types of plans for different types of customers which are as follows:

For BASIC this Company claims that you can earn 0.0004444 BTC per day.

  • For STANDARD you can earn 0.0025 BTC per day.
  • For ENTERPRISE you can earn 0.01666666 BTC per day.
  • For PROFESSIONAL you can earn 0.03333333 BTC per day.

Btcpool Company also claims for affiliate bonus. This Company also has different affiliate bonus offers for the different customer which you can see below:

  • For BASIC it claims 12% as the affiliate bonus
  • For STANDARD it claims 12%
  • For ENTERPRISE it claims 17% and
  • For PROFESSIONAL it claims 20%

All these figures are looking very exciting. Everybody can be easily trapped by these lucrative offers but think for a moment that why a website will give you this much amount just for becoming a member of their site. They claim that you just register yourself on their website which is free of cost and you will start earning up to 30 Satoshi and we have seen above that how big lucrative offers they have released. Do you think that they are going to pay you? We want to tell you the complete truth of this website which is that they are not going to deliver their promises.  When you will register yourself on their site then you will have to give your personal information and for getting your profit you will have to make an account or give your bank details. They just want to collect your information and nothing else because when they will collect your personal and financial information and will make a big data then they can misuse or sell your information to the third party by which they can get a big amount. They do not have any other plans by which they can earn money. So how can they pay you? If they do then for that they should have any other source of income but unfortunately, they do not have.

We have seen that they did not give any information about the owner of this site. We also check at WHOIS record but they were not recorded there. The information of the owner of this site is neither in their site nor in WHOIS record. A company who is giving this much amount to people all over the world just for being registers on their site, why do not want to come in the light? This is very doubtful. So stay away from such sites.


In the working section, we have discussed a lot about these companies’ policies, working style, offers, plans, affiliate bonus, its legitimacy and many more. After discussing all these we come to the conclusion that we “Do Not Recommend” this site anymore because this is a Ponzi Scheme. So stay away from such sites and be safe.

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If you have any question on your mind and you want to ask with us then please drop a comment in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.

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