What is Btcwait.com? Is Btcwait Scam or Legit?

What is Btcwait.com? Is Btcwait Scam or Legit?

Are searching the internet to know about Btcwait.com? Then you are reading the right article. Cryptocurrency investment market is new and very few people know properly how it works. Bitcoin is new and experts of this field have only 3-4 years of experience. Still many websites claim they have team of professional in this investment market. They even offer the high returns. High returns are the main pivot of Investment Company.  In this particular claim many people believe blindly on company and regret. Now, if you are thinking about questions like, is Btcwait scam? Or is Btcwait legit? Or is Btcwait real? Or is Btcwait Fake? Then you are wise enough to understand about ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes are the one in which company pays to its old registered members from the investment made by new members. In this Btcwait review we are going to answer all your queries. If you do not want to read the full article and need our assistance then ‘we do Not Recommend Btcwait. Its working is similar to ponzi scheme, which is illegal in many countries.

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What is Btcwait.com Is Btcwait Scam or Legit Is Btcwait Real or Fake Btcwait Review Btcwait

How does Btcwait works?

Information leads to transparency and transparency lead to building trust on any company. This website does not believe in this statement. They did not provide any information of their owner or ‘professional team management’. They even hide their information in WHOIS records. They are intentionally hiding their information so that they leave no trails which leads to them. Why they are hiding? Since, they know one day they will shut their company and run away i.e. they do not want to leave any lose end which lead concerned authority to catch them.

They are registered in UK Companies registration under the company name: BTCWAIT LIMITED and company no: 11069377. They also provided the certificate of tier registration on their website. This is somehow proof that they are legit registered company. But one pattern we found in all non recommended website is ‘UK Companies’. We found out that to acquire registration from UK Companies is not big task and anyone can acquire it by paying 20GBP. You, if you want to be an owner of any company then you have to just pay 20GBP that’s all.

Investment plans are the bedrock of any Investment Company. Btcwait has very great and different plans ranging from 3% daily interest to 1800% interest daily on different investments and deposits made by people. Since they have variety of investment plan show them as a good company but paying 1800% is not possible. These numbers are fake and claims are bogus. Companies working in ponzi scheme generally pay initially and then after accumulating a decent amount they just run away with people money. Since they are working online they do not even have to run. What they needed is, to just shut their website. Let we assume that company pay as they are claiming then also it is not viable for any company to sustain for long. If Investment Company does not going to sustain for long then how will anybody can trust on it with their money. It is not viable for any investor to take blind risk like investing in Btcwait.

They are offering 4 levels of affiliate programs. The affiliate programs are the most basic way to increase traffic for website. Many genuine websites are using this program to increase their traffic. But they offer very low commission. In contrary of genuine sites the Btcwait offers 10%-2%-1%-0.5% which are very high. To make this company unsustainable their investment plans are enough but referral programs make this company non-reliable also.


We do Not Recommend Btcwait because of the various reasons stated above. We all need and must invest our money. But the investment should be wise because earning money is not easy. It takes lots of hard work and sweet. The best advice we can give is avoid this website. They are no good to anybody and want to earn high returns for them only.

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If you have still any doubt regarding Btcwait please ask us. We will be please to help you.