Bucks4shares Review – Scam or Legit?

Bucks4shares Review – Scam or Legit?

Introducion to Bucks4shares :

Bucks4shares has been online since February 2011. The owner of the  Bucks4shares is Marek Gajdosz from Poland.

Bucks4Shares Review - Scam or LegitName: Bucks4shares
Rating: 50 out of 100
Owner: Marek Gajdosz
Price to join: Free
Link to join: www.bucks4shares.com

What is Bucks4shares:

Bucks4shares is a Paid to click site in which you can earn money by clicking and viewing advertisement. In Bucks4shares, Advertisers can get traffic to their website or affiliate link by adding campaigns.

Steps to earn money in Bucks4shares

Following are the steps to earn money in Bucks4shares:

Step1) Earn money by viewing advertisement:

You can earn money by viewing advertizement. You can earn up to $0.0001 to $0.001 for each ad click. After login, You will find the ads on the menu by clicking on the ‘Ads’ section.

Step2) Earn more money by referrals(Earn commisions from direct referrals)

To earn more money, you need to refer people to the site. There is no limit on direct referrals (DR), you can refer as many as you want. You will get commisions wheny they click or purchase.
You will get 40% from your referral click and 2 % from their purchase.If you can refer good number of people, you will get more commisions. If you donot know the way to get direct referrals then Click Here

The minimum cashout is low as $0.02 which will not increase after each cashout. You can use the payment processor Paypal to request cashout. The first cashoutout will be manual and take up to 7 days and after that others cashout will be instant.

Positive things about Bucks4shares:

  • Bucks4shares is paying on time to its member from more than 4 years.
  • You can have unlimited direct referals.
  • It can be the best site for the advertisers.

Negative things about Bucks4shares:

  • On the ‘Ads’ sction you will find an anti cheat link, if you click that link your account will be suspended for 3 days. Many times clicking on cheat link, you account will be suspended. So try to keep away from this anti cheat link.
  • There is a Adgrid game, in which you have to click on the box. If you are lucky, you will earn otherwise not. You will get 25 chances daily to win. It can be that you will not get anything in 25 chances. So dont waste time and focus on other earning optons like making direct referrals.
  • You need to be active by clicking once every 30 days. Otherwise your accout will be irreversible deleted.
  • Only clicking ads, earning will be low. To increase your earning refer more people to the site. Know the idea to getting direcrt referrals by Clicking Here

Final verdict

Bucks4shares is a legit site and paying on time to thir members. Earning is low without referrals. This is not the site in which you can depend to make good income, but you can make eaxtra money with this site. This site is the best for the one who want to promote ther website/affiliate link as their prices are low.

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