What is Buxcure.com? Is Buxcure Scam or Legit?

What is Buxcure.com? Is Buxcure Scam or Legit?

If you are on this page, then you are probably trolling the internet for more information about Buxcure.com? The two main questions buzzing through your mind are, is Buxcure legit? Or is Buxcure scam? This Buxcure review offers all the relevant information you need to know before you invest any of your hard earned money as well as your valuable time.

For those who are looking for a short straight answer, then our recommendation is that you only register and work as a free user because the websites credibility is not yet proven. The website is fairly new on the internet and there is always a risk attached to investing in a new and upcoming website. Thus, we recommend that you only work as a free user or invest only what you can afford to lose.  We only recommend the established company like Wealthy Affiliate, Which is establish online from 12 years. You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the below link

Let’s start our Buxcure review as given below.

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How does Buxcure.com work?

Buxcure.com is a paid to click website which was first registered on 10th July 2017. When you do a quick WHOIS search to find out more details about the website, you will find out that the website is registered to a Joseph Holmes from 38 Cavendish Rd, London. This is the main reason why we have not yet blacklisted this web site. The other reason is because it is a fairly new website which may require a little room to prove itself to the public eye. Most scam paid to click website are registered privately and there is no way to find out more information about the owner.

The main avenue to earn money on Buxcure is by clicking on the View Ads section located at the top left section of their website. When you click on the fixed advertisement section, you can earn anything between $0.0005 to $0.01 for each advertisement you click on. You will be given more than 10 advertisements daily and you may also supplement your earnings through their offerwalls.
They have a referral program as well. There are the rental referrals as well as direct referrals. The interest rate you earn from each will depend on which one you pick. They offer a free annual ultimate membership (cost $899.99), for the first ten members who are able to get 1000 direct referrals.

They also have a low withdrawal fee and you will be able to cash out once you get to reach the minimum payout limit of $2. Since the website is new, they have a free bronze membership (Cost $29.99) valid for one year, for the first 40,000 members who join. For existing members, there are up to $100 discount on upgrades. The discount on extending rented referrals may go up to an impressive 38%. You can also boost your income by posting your earnings on other forums. You get paid up to $1.35 by posting your payment proofs on other forums. There are more than 10 payment options offered by the company and they range from PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, among others. You can earn up to $10 commission for referral upgrade. For those who want to have unlimited direct referrals, all you need to do is purchase their titanium membership plan.

For advertisers, you can get a one day fixed paid to click advisement for as low as $0.99. For a one day log in Ad, you will be required to pay as low as $0.99. For a one day Ad grid, you will be expected to part with as low as $0.99. A 100 paid to click Ad credits are offered at a discounted rate of $0.15. There is a referral contest, which is held every other week and there is a $100 award to be distributed among 30 winners. This means that there is a high likelihood of you becoming a winner someday.


However, as we said earlier, Buxcure is a new website and caution should be exercised when joining such a website. We are monitoring the website in order to ascertain the track record for the website. Only join and work as a free user in order to minimize the risk in case the website turns out to be a scam. You can never be too careful when it comes to dealing with paid to click websites and exercising uttermost due diligence is always advised. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from this site for your own good!

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If you have any question about Buxcure or any other online work please feel free to drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.