BuxP Review: Scam or Legit?

Final update: Buxp website is closed now. So the review on Buxp, written below is not applicable anymore to anything.

Are you looking to know about the Buxp website? In this Buxp review, we will provide you the information you may be seeking. There are some general questions always asked by our readers about such websites like, is Buxp Scam? Or is Buxp Legit? Or is Buxp Real? Or is Buxp Fake? There are many ways on the internet available to earn money online and one of the ways is provided by Buxp website. The main work of this website is to offer its members ads to view and earn money. If you are not interested to read the full review, we can provide you the crux of this article. We do ‘Not Recommend‘ Buxp website. It is because the earning on this website is not good and you will not able to make good money even after working for years on this website. The earning is low and the referrals you make will not sustain long. They will find the earning is very difficult on this website. Therefore, they will leave the website which also hamper your earning. It simply means that the money you will earn on this website does not worth the time you spend on this website. We can say that because we have worked on this website and earned not more than $50 per year even after making hundreds of referrals.

If you are looking to know about the good websites that are genuine then we offer you some websites that are legit. To see the list please click the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

The Wealthy Affiliate Company is the one which is the most recommended website by us. It is working for the last 13 years and helped people around the world to earn money online. To know the proper functioning of the Wealthy Affiliate website, please click the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

What is Buxp Is Buxp Scam or Legit Is Buxp Real or Fake Buxp Review, Buxp

How does Buxp work and reasons of not recommendation?

Let us talk about its background a little bit. The Buxp website was launched in May 2008. It has been paying its members regularly. Earlier it was in our recommended list, but the time we found out it is not worthy we placed this website in our not recommended list. It is due to the reason we have provided you in our first paragraph. The owner of this website is Max Carter who also managed this website, he is from Belgium.

The Buxp operate on advertisements. They sell their website space to advertisers and earn money by this and they pay to its members for viewing the same ads. There are some other ways also provided by it to earn money on this website like offer walls, video offers, making referrals and etc.

It might sound good but it is not. You will not able to earn $10 in one year by clicking and viewing the ads on this website. It is advisable to not work on this website because we have this experience already and we do not want anybody to face the stress of not earning well on this website despite doing the hard work it requires. That is why we do not recommend the Buxp website, now.

Drawbacks of Buxp

  1. There is not much money you will earn on this website despite making hundreds of referrals or clicking and viewing the ads. Even referrals made by you will find hard to work on this website and lose their enthusiasm. It will at the end hamper your earning which is also depend on your referrals work.
  2. This website is not valuable not even for the advertisers. The traffic it generates is of very low-quality. It is because of the reasons that people click and view the ads are the one that wants to earn money. So to place your advertisement on this website is not a good deal.
  3. One of the strict conditions of this website is that, if you do not work actively for 30 days continuously then your account will be frozen by them.
  4. Some offers, tasks, and services offered on this websites are not genuine. They just use different tasks to get the information of the members. Since the tasks are not offered by the Buxp but they are offered by the advertisers that placed their ads on this website. So you should not provide your personal details of any kind to anyone on this website.
  5. There is a threshold limit after which you can request for payment. But you cannot reach that limit until you make numbers of referrals on this website. But this way also you will not able to earn much money as you may be dreaming after doing an immense amount of work.


We do Not Recommend Buxp website due to various and genuine reasons stated above. We just want you will not face those problems and difficulties that we have faced. You can use your time wisely on some other websites that are genuine. This website will not allow you to earn much which will be frustrating for the members.

In our list, the Wealthy Affiliate Company is the one company which is the most recommended by us. They are working to provide a different kind of training programs and services to its members. They also mentor their members to earn a full-time income on the internet. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you still have any problem with the Buxp website, then please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.


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