Buxvertise review – Scam or Legit?

Buxvertise review – Scam or Legit?

Introduction to Buxvertise:

Buxvertise has been online since April 19,2014. The owner of the  Buxvertise are Drew & Jess.  They are also the owner of the Traffic return which is a legit website online from 2012 and going strong day by day.

Buxvertise review - scam or legit

Name: Buxvertise
Rating: 70 out of 100
Price to join: Free
Owners: Drew & Jess
Link to join: www.buxvertise.com


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What is Buxvertise:

Buxvertise is a PTC (Paid to click) site in which you  will get paid when you view the adverizement.  You will also get bonus points when you view the ads. You will earn 100% of your click as a free member. You will earn more from your clicks when you upgrade your account. If you go for Buxer you will get 150% of your click and if you go for Eternity you will get 200% click value.

How to earn money in Buxvertise:

To earn money in Buxvertise, you need to view advertisement.  You can earn  $0.001 to $0.0025 per ad you view. There are another ways in Buxvertise to earn money like Daily Raffle, Icon Bux,  Wheel of Bux, offerwall,  CPA lead and Ad work Media, But wheel of Bux is the best one in which you can easily make money.

Wheel of Bux:

Buxvertise wheel of buxIn wheel of Bux, you will get some points or cash prizes. You have to spin the wheel of the Bux to get thesse points or prizes. You can only do this once in a day. It will take only 10 seconds to complete so it is worth to do. You can also convert your points into cash later from your accounts.

You can also earn by sharing your payment proofs. When you will get your payment by the Buxvertise, share it  on to  other websites. After that, inform the buxverise by showing the URL where you shared your payment proofs and you will get rewarded for this.

How to earn more money in Buxvertise:

Referrals are the great way to earn more money in Buxvertise.  There are two types of refferrals in Buxvertise first one is rented referrals and second one is direct referrals.

Most of the time, we suggest not to have rented referrals but in Buxvertise you can earn some money from rented referrals. The only way you can make profit with rented referrals  in Buxvertise by upgrading your account to Eternity. If you are going for the rented referrals without upgrading to Eternity, you are surely going to lose your money. So we recommed rented refferals,  the time when you upgrade your account to Eternity otherwise  don’t go for rented referrals and focous on direct referrals.

You can refer people and make good income in Buxvertise. If you are a free member, you can refer up to 200 people. To increase the limit you need to upgrade your account. If you upgrade to Buxer, you can refer up to 500 people and if you go for Eternity then you can refer up to 5000 people.

You will get commisons when your referral click. As a free member, you will get 50% from your referral click, For Buxer membership you will get 100% commision and for Eternity membership you will get 200% from your referrals click.

Important: To get the commisions from your referral click you need to view 6 advertisemnts. The day you not view the 6 ads, you will not get commision from your referrals for that day.As a free member you will get 2% commisions on your refferals purchase and 5% if you are upgraded member.

If you have 200 active direct referrals as a free member, then your earning will be good and it is better to upgrade your account to get high commisons and to increase the limit of referrals. The more referrals you have, the more commisons you will get.So try to refer number of people to make good income if you do not know how to get direct referrals  for free then you need to learn.  To learn about referrals or internet marketing  >>>Click Here<<<

The minimum cashout is $7. You can you the payment processor like Paypal, Payza, SolidTrsutPay and Neteller.

Upsides of  Buxvertise:

Paypal is established and running succesfully since 2009(as they are using the paypal of their sisiter site Traffic Return). It is a great point for Buxvertise because many PTC sites fails due to their Paypal limitation/frozen.

You can make profit from rented referrals if you upgrade your account to Eternity.

It is free to join and you can cashout when you reach $7 threshold.

Downsides of Buxvertise:

Buxvertise have rented referrals system. These rented referrals are not good idea to make profit, because most of the referrals become inactive and you will lose your money. But if you want to have rented referrals , then first upgrade your account to Eternity otherwise you will lost money.

There is limit on direct referrals, As a free member You can refer only 200 people. If you want to increase your limit of direct referrals then you need to upgrade your account. To learn how to get direct referrals >>>Click Here<<<

Buxvertise provide many features to earn money like offers, Buxgrid, Matomy, PeanutLabs, CPA lead and Adwork Media which are better to leave. Buxgrid is a game, in which you have to click on the grid and each time you click, you will view one advertisment. It is same like the clicking ads but you will not get the money for each click. You will get cash prizes if you are lucky. So it is better to leve it.

Many offers like signup offers will be time consuming and most of the times you will also not rewarded  for the work you complete. Some offers reqired credit card details to complete the offer so it is better to leave such kind of offers.


Any question about Buxvertise or want to give your feedback about this page please feel free to comment below. We will reply in Jiffy.


  1. I’m in Nigeria. Is there any geographical restrictions to this business!

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