Can you make decent money with InsCash app?

Can you make decent money with InsCash app?

Firstly we congratulate all our readers for starting their own research after observing various scam and fraudulent apps. As we all know that there is several identical applications which claim to offer best of their service. Hence they fail to resist on their own promises.

We recently came across an application known as InsCash which is rewarding panel. The company allows its members to earn online money by completing tasks, taking offers and much more. Therefore you will be provided rewards once you complete the task with the desired satisfaction of the company.

Definitely this is the topic of doubt and explanation. Hence we will go into the depth of InsCash app and discover whether it is scam or legit.

Can you make decent money with InsCash app?

What is InsCash app?

Within your mobile phone you can chance to earn cash with this rewarding application known as InsCash. For receiving these rewards you have complete miscellaneous tasks like installing new applications, playing games, glimpsing some of the videos, etc.

You can even earn money by completing surveys. InsCash has collaborated with various market investigating panels which are in search of ordinary people like you and me for flourishing them with valuable opinions on their products and services.

The moment you accumulate enough coins you can cash out in the form of Google Play gift cards, Amazon gift cards, photo frames, etc.

Definitely we do not claim InsCash to be fraudulent app but on a major basis there is a risk using it. Basically on normal legit applications the potential members are asked to give their consent to the Terms and Conditions stated by the Company. But it’s not the case with InsCash.

Such an agreement is filled to prepare the members that there is no guaranteed compensation and your account can be dissolved any time according to the wishes of the company. But InsCash does not mention any of these details. Hence, they can do whatever pleases to them with your account and even with your earnings.

If you observe Google Play Store while downloading you will see some complaints left by the members of InsCash about payment issues.

How InsCash does tend to work?

Currently the application InsCash is available only for the Android users hence you can install it from Google Play Store.

The company requires their members to mandatory have an Instagram account in order to sign in. Without Instagram account the potential members will put off their plans. Even the company brings extra earning money in the way of their members.

You will fetch 50 coins as a signing bonus and additional 20 coins for logging in.

Ways of earning:

  • Taking offers: On the dashboard you will find an option namely “Earn free coins” and you should click on it to discover various offers that you can finish.

Each and every option you select has several requirements which are to be fulfilled in order to receive payment.

Some offers that this section consists:

  1. InsCash has partnered with various marketing research companies. Hence you can get yourself registered with these panels to participate in the studies.
  2. You can sign up in various trials which are completely free and just require their members to provide them the card details.
  3. Get yourself registered with online working casinos and making your first deposit.
  4. Trying new applications and online games.
  5. You can even work as one of the sweepstakes by just giving them your contact information. There is some gaming application which instructs their members to install the app and play on it          for a while. They may even ask to accumulate a particular amount or reach a specific level.

The offers valid in this section vary in range but generally they are less than 2500.

  • Checking in on a daily basis: The Company pays points to their members whenever they check in. All you have to do is to click on the “daily Check-in” in order to get 20 coins daily.
  • Watching videos: Whenever the videos become available you can watch them and earn coins.
  • Referral code: In order to earn more coins fortunately the company provides another way also. You can share your referral link with your friends and if they sign up via your link then you will fetch 50 coins. The company InsCash does not distribute the earnings of affiliate.


  • The application InsCash is available for the people resided worldwide.
  • You will receive 50 coins as your sign up bonus.
  • The company also pays coins to their members for checking in daily.
  • The affiliate earnings are not distributed as the referral commission.
  • You will receive 50 coins for every referral who signs up using your code.


  • There is no PayPal option for redemption of your accumulated coins.
  • You will not be able to discover many opportunities for earning cash.
  • The company has not provided any FAQ section.
  • The company is not eager to take the consent of the potential members on the Terms and Conditions.
  • You must have an Instagram account in order to sign in.

InsCash Alternatives:

There are various other websites and application which are identical to InsCash and provides offers like completing surveys, taking tasks, watching videos, playing games and installing applications to their members.

Another option of InsCash is Coin Pop, Prizerebel, Cash Alarm, AppFlame, Cashout app, etc.


Practically after viewing every detail with utter concentration InsCash doesn’t seem to scam. InsCash is absolutely legit. On the same hand there are various complaints about payments issues direct from the members.

Even there are not enough of the available opportunities which make it less worthy for use. The company hasn’t added PayPal option for withdrawing money from the account.

Hence we do not recommend InsCash to any of our readers as it contains plenty of red flags.

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In case your mind is hovering with any of doubts and queries then please feel free to contact us by dropping a comment in the section below.