Candygown review: Is Candy gown a scam or legit?

It is no longer news that there are plenty of websites on the Internet that are entirely fraudulent and out to rob you of your hard-earned money. If you’re reading this review, chances are that you are not 100 percent certain that is a site that is legit. Luckily, you are in right place and this article will bring plenty of clarity to the issue of whether or not Candygown is a scam site.

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Candygown review Is Candy gown a scam or legit

What is all about?

Candygown is an online store that claims to be a retailer of all kinds of footwear from Adidas to Jordan, Nike, ASICS and allot more. They claim to sell footwear for Men, women and children and for a wide variety of activities including running, training and basketball.

They also claim to have an offshore office at 95 Bedford Street New York, NY 041, USA.    The Candygown Scam Agenda Like every other other scam site out there, does its best to entice unsuspecting users with attractive offers and options. If you’re being realistic, you should find many of these offers too good to be true. However, the desperation to grab an easy deal might be enough to convince many users to trust these sites with their personal details and card information.

Below are a few of the elements that shows that Candygown is fraudulent website.

  • Incredibly High Discount: We all like a good discount but sometimes even the most shrewd of online shoppers will find the incredible discounts offered on Candygown totally unbelievable. Offering outrageous discounts has been an effective way for many scam sites to attract preys for a long time and Candygown certainly employs this same strategy.
  • Cheap Products: If a pair of footwear should originally cost you $600 in regular stores, why should it cost only $350 on another store? The simple answer to that question is that it is all a big scam. Candygown tries its best to attract unsuspecting customers by offering products for lesser than its actual market value.
  • Contact Info: A legit website will provide a phone number that can be used to contact their customer care for more info. While Candygown suggests that you can send them an email or call them, there is no telephone number provided anywhere on the website with which you can use to contact them.

With very unrealistic discounts and prices and a lack of direct contact with the company’s customer care, it is clear that Candygown is the work of Internet scammers who are trying to defraud unsuspecting preys.

If you’re reading this, we strongly advice that you refrain from giving out your personal details or credit card information to this website as you risk loosing your money and having your details sold to third parties.

In the event that you have already given out your information and credit card details be sure to quickly remove your card information and personal details. Also, if you have been unlucky enough to have lost your money to Candygown, quickly contact your bank to investigate and block further transactions.

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