What is Capitalcastle.io? Is Capitalcastle Scam or Legit?

What is Capitalcastle.io? Is Capitalcastle Scam or Legit?

There might be some questions or doubt in your mind about Capitalcastle.io. You might be searching to earn money online and your search led to you the Capitalcastle website. In the review of Capitalcastle, we are going to answer all the stated questions which will definitely on your mind. Such as, Is Capitalcastle a Scam? Or is Capitalcastle Fake? Or Is Capitalcastle Real? Or Is Capitalcastle Legit? And many more. We want to tell you the crux of the review of Capitalcastle is that we “Do Not Recommend” for working with this company. We will tell you the reason behind our not recommendation but for this, you will have read complete article.

Capitalcastle Company claiming that it is as, as cryptocurrency but it is actually not. All are fake claims. While surfing the internet you will interact with many websites which will claim and make promises to help you. They release many plans, exciting offers on the internet but before you join them, please read the review and know their intention or working process. And search on behalf of yourself.

We have made a list of avoided or not recommended sites which will help you to stay away from fake websites. To see them you can click here: https://onlineincomeresources.com/not-recommended

You are here so our duty to make you aware of the genuine websites. There are some websites on the internet which are responding to their users and helping them properly. To see them you can visit here: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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What is Capitalcastle.io Is Capitalcastle Scam or Legit Is Capitalcastle Real or Fake Capitalcastle review, Capitalcastle

How do Capitalcastle works?

We do not recommend to work with this company for our readers because this is a worthless platform. In Capitalcastle people scams others for making money.  It claims to be a cryptocurrency company but it is not. All are fake claims. In next lines, we will tell you this how?

  • Step first is that: you have to register yourself in an account
  • Step second is that: make a deposit.
  • Step third is that: withdraw profit.

All three steps are looking very easy and we do not know that what will happen to us in next moment. They tell us that our deposit amount should not be less than 0.003Bitcoin. According to your deposit amount, they will provide you with the plan.

According to their claim, you can easily withdraw your profit or money but it is not as easy as they told you.

They have three types of investment offers and they claim that

  • Plan 1: you will get 7% interest daily, 0.291% hourly, 0.003 – 1.000BTC (Min. Or Max) investment sum and investment term is forever.
  • Plan 2: you will get 12% interest daily, 0.5% hourly, 1.001 – 5.000BTC (Min. Or Max) investment sum and investment term is forever.
  • Plan 3: 15% interest daily, 0.625% hourly, 5.001 – 50.000BTC (Min. Or Max) investment sum and investment term is forever.

Capitalcastle Company claims for affiliate programmes. In which one is Affiliate Reward and another is Partnership Reward. In Affiliate Reward, there are three levels. It claims for level A(1) is 5%, level B(2) is 2% from users invest and for level C(3) is 1% of users invest.

In Partnership Reward also have three levels. As above it also claims for level A(1) is 8%, level B (2) is 2% from users invest and level C (3)  is 1% of users invest. Think for a moment that if a company returns this huge amount to its user then what will happen with this company when it does not have any other source of income except investment plan. If you do not know then we will tell you that this company will collapse very soon.

Capitalcastle Company does not provide any detail of its owner. Have you ever think about this? If not, then now its time to think about it and save your precious time and money. This and kind of companies hide personal information of their owner because they are not real i.e. they are not going to fulfill their promises what they have made.  Capitalcastle Company is not in WHOIS record. That means there is something wrong because a person who is running a company and providing job to thousands of people, why will hide his information? So we do not recommend this company for working.

The Capitalcastle Company provides their Company name, registration number, and address. The company name is CAPITAL CASTLE LIMITED, company registration number is 11361357 and address is 45Verney Road Rotherhithe, London, United Kingdom, SE16 3DA. This is not a big deal to get the company name and registration number. You can get this registration number by only paying 20GBP in UK Companies house. So this is not a single solid proof of their legitimacy.


Above in its working process we discussed a lot about this company, how does it works, what kind of plans they offer, their referral commission, company name, its registration number, its legitimacy and many more. Eventually, we concluded that we do Not Recommend you to work with this and kind of companies.

If you are really interested in working online at home and want to make real money then we will recommend you the Wealthy Affiliate Company which is top on the internet market. This is a loyal company. Wealthy Affiliate Company does not need any proof to say that this is real money making company because the members or users’ review is its proof. So if you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate Company you can visit here:  https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any question on your mind related Capitalcastle Company then please ask with us in our comment box. We will happy to help you.