What is Capitalcoin.biz? Is Capitalcoin Scam?

What is Capitalcoin.biz? Is Capitalcoin Scam?

You must be wondering about Capitalcoin.biz website. There must be some question troubling you about this website. Questions like, is Capitalcoin Scam? Or is Capitalcoin Legit? Or is Capitalcoin Fake? Or is Capitalcoin Real? In this review, we will tackle all the problems and provide you the solutions of the stated questions. Investment is a very good strategy to earn extra income. It helped many people and it helping many people. The Capitalcoin is one of the website which is working as an investment company. You can invest your money on this website in different plans offer by this website. If you are not interested in reading our opinion and argument, we can abridge it for you. We do “Not Recommend” Capitalcoin website. The Capitalcoin is working on the Ponzi as well Pyramid scheme. Under the Ponzi scheme, the companies pay to its old members from the money invested by the new member. In Pyramid scheme, company is more focused to recruit the people than selling the product. It is an illegal business model which looks similar like MLM (Multi-level Marketing).

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What is Capitalcoin.biz Is Capitalcoin Scam or Legit Is Capitalcoin Real or Fake Capitalcoin Review, Capitalcoin

How does Capitalcoin work?

Let’s explore this website. First, we start with the investment plans of this website. The company is offering 4 investment plans. The named them also, for example, capital trial, capital basic, capital business and capital director. All of them have different investment rates and different minimum & maximum deposit. The maximum interest you can earn is 15% daily. Yes, the company is offering 15% daily interest rate and that is also for 30 days. It means in one month time period you are earning 450% interest. It is great. But we have one question.

Why the Capitalcoin Company need investment from the people? What we mean here is that they can easily take a loan from the bank at the much lower interest rate and earn good profit. They can even pay their loan in one month period. But they are not going to take loan from the bank because to get loan from bank they have to be authentic. They can easily fool normal people but not the bank. The company interest rates are very unsustainable.

The affiliate programs allow people to earn money. It is actually a reward that company pays to its members as a commission. The genuine company pays very low commission. It is because of their low rate. They sustain more and pay regularly to its members. The affiliate program of Capitalcoin is of a pyramid scheme. It is work like mostly as a multi-level marketing. The Capitalcoin is offering two types of programs of 5 levels marketing. For members the company is offering 4%, 7%, 10%, 13% and 16% of commission rates on every level, respectively. For the representative, they are very generous. They are offering 5%, 9%, 12%, 15% and 18% commission on every level respectively. The commission is offered on the sale of its ROI plans which makes it another illegal scheme. It is because they are not selling any real product.

The company got a registration certificate from the UK Companies. The registration certificate mentioned that this company is registered under the company name: CAPITALCOIN INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED and the company number: 11038332. This registration certificate is issued for the purpose of taxation only and you can get it by paying just 20GBP. In our Not Recommended list, almost every website is having this certificate with them. The disturbing point is that many of such websites later turned into a scam website.


Capitalcoin is “Not Recommend” by us. But we cannot declare it a scam because it’s paying initially. They will pay initially it is because this how the Ponzi scheme works. They will run away with people money when they accumulate sufficient money. It is not wise to invest your hard earned money on this website.

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If you got any kind of question about Capitalcoin which we did not clear in the article, then please mention it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.