What is Capitalsofnews.com? Is It Scam?

Capitalofnews review provides you with a complete analysis of the information you need to know about Capitalsofnews.com. Is capitalsofnews legit? Is capitalsofnews scam? Is capitalsofnews real? Is capitalsofnews fake? Before we dig any deeper, it is vital to point out that this is a scam website which preys on people who are looking for ways of making money online.

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How does Capitalsofnews scam its users?

One of the problems with online transactions is that it is conducted via a platform where it is difficult to know who is on the other side of the transaction. This characteristic is the main reason why there are so many scam sites. This is why it is important to carry out a basic search to find out the owner of any website before you embark on any online transaction. This website is registered privately and it is virtually impossible to find out who the owner is. This is a convenient way for any thief to steal and get away without being caught.

Advert sales are one the ways that Capitalsofnews is able to get their income. You quickly notice their website is filled with advertisements once you have registered with them. They are only able to benefit if they are able to generate high traffic on their website. And how are they able to generate such kind of traffic? They are able to achieve this by offering you a deal you can’t resist. The offer they give you is paying you between $2 to $4 for just reading a single news article. Their site indicates that there are 35 fresh articles every day for you to read. This means that you are able to earn a minimum of $60 daily and $400 weekly. This is where the deal becomes too good to be true. Once you log in you drive up their traffic. The other tactic they use to drive up their traffic is the referral program. This is where they claim you can earn $170 for each referral you make. 15% of what your referral makes every day will also get deposited in your account. This is just another clever way to rope in more people. This website has never paid any of it users. Their business model cannot be able to sustain such a high payout and still remain profitable. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either telling you a flat out lie or is a victim of the scam and is trying to earn the referral bonus.

However, the most dangerous way they are able to prey of their users is by selling their personal information to third parties. The information you give them is not safe and chances are it will be used against you. Your email will constantly be filled with spam emails with advertisements for all sorts of things. When you register with them it is a requirement that you provide your Paypal or Payza account details. This information can be used by hackers to get access and empty your account. This is why it is wise to stay away from this website if you are concerned with getting more money into your account rather than money stolen from your account.


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