What is Capitotal.biz? Is Capitotal Scam or Legit?

What is Capitotal.biz? Is Capitotal Scam or Legit?

If you are looking to get the insight of Capitotal.biz then you are reading the right article. In this Capitotal review, you are going to get the answer to some questions that disturb people. Questions that most of our readers asked like, is Capitotal Scam? Or is Capitotal Legit? Or is Capitotal Fake? Or is Capitotal Real? Online investment is not the new thing but there are many companies coming every day on the internet to offer exciting ROI (Return on Investment). The ROI will be lucrative for people, it is because people running such sites want to lure people. If you are not interested to read the whole article, then we can provide you the crux of this article in next few lines. We do “Not Recommend” the Capitotal site due to its scheme in which they are running their site. The scheme named Ponzi, in this scheme the company pays to its members or existing members from the money invested by the new members. This scheme is illegal in all aspect. And almost every nation under the sky has banned this scheme.

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What is Capitotal.biz Is Capitotal Scam or Legit Is Capitotal Real or Fake Capitotal Review, Capitotal

How does Capitotal work?

The site is an investment company where one can invest their money and take a back to see their money increasing every day. Yes, the site is offering you a different investment plans and provide you very exciting interest rates. Capitotal is offering the 11% daily interest rate forever. This is very exciting and you can earn money passively. It is not true as it seems. There are high chances that during initial period the company is going to pay the interest as promised but after sometime they are going to shut their site. We can say that because we have seen many sites going down after few days, week and months. You can also see those site in our Not Recommended list. The working of Capitotal is similar to the Ponzi scheme which we have already explained. This is the most unsustainable way to work.

The company also have an affiliate program which is giving commission on three levels: 6%-3%-1% respectively. Affiliate programs are used by many online website to increase their traffic as well as members. The commission is to lure people to work hard. The problem with this kind of working is that Capitotal site does not selling any product or services. It means they are not having any profit and they only arena left to pay the commission is from the investment. This makes the company working in another illegal scheme known as Pyramid Scheme. This makes the company more non-reliable.

The Capitotal has does not provide any information about who owns this site. This site does not contain any real name of any real people. This show that the company is working to hide their information from the people. They are not allowing people to know about them and they are working hard to hide them. We can say that because they guarded their information in WHOIS records also. This is the way most of the scam companies works online. They hide themselves and scam people easily.

The company got themselves a certificate from the US Companies House in which the Capitotal is registered under the company name: and company number:. We do not consider this certificate as a proof to declare any site a certified or legitimate because of many reasons like, the certificate is available for just 20GBP; many sites listed in our Not Recommended section that turned into a scam after few days were also had this certificate with them.


We do Not Recommend Capitotal to anybody on the internet or anywhere. We are sure that if you work on this site, the chances to get scammed is very high. Therefore, we advise you to avoid this site and keep a distance from it.

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If you have any doubt or query regarding the Capitotal site, please tell us, we will be happy to help you out.