Cardcash Review- Want to utilize unwanted gift cards?

Cardcash Review- Want to utilize unwanted gift cards?

The trends of shopping are going viral these days.  People are browsing all over the internet and the market to purchase fashionable and trendy products. In return of your purchase they provide you gift coupons which you can only utilize at the respective stores.  Such stores provide gifts coupons to become sure that these customers will become potential consumers in future. There are times when we in particular do not require the gift cards and they are trashed.

As we all are working over the internet for the past many hours. Majority of them use this opportunity in a productive way by using the time in completing tasks. Hence from the completion of tasks users also receive gift coupons. But most of the times many of these are of no use and are discarded. Some people still prefer receiving cash rewards in return.

So, what is a way to put these coupons in use? Therefore there is a website called which helps people to buy, sell and exchange the gift coupons you have received.

You people might be in dilemma whether is legit or other scam to dupe the innocent people. Having red flags in such sites is a normal situation and one of them can be also.

Cardcash Review- Want to utilize unwanted gift cards?

What is

The company was founded by Elliot Ackerman in 2009. The headquarters the company is in Brick, New Jersey.  The company claims to buy, sell and exchange the gift coupons up to 92% of the value of the people. With the help of you can sell or exchange the trashed gift coupons. Even the company has gift coupons of the well-known brands which you can purchase.

Who prefers to use

The website is used by two categories of people. One being the ones who want to want to sell or exchange the gift coupons thy have incurred with. While other are of the category who wish to buy coupons out of their love for shopping on discounted price.

The company claims to purchase the trashed or discarded gift coupon by paying 92% of the gift card value. While if you have no gift card in hand then will even help you with that. Your gifts card payments are done through check or PayPal, whichever you prefer most.

How to work with

The company claims to help people who want to utilize their discarded and useless gift coupons and also for those who desires to purchase one. This website provides people real cash in return of gift coupons.

If you want to be a member of then you need to register either using email or Facebook or Google account. The moment you get yourself registered you are ready to sell cardcash your unwanted gift coupons. Then the company will ask some specific about the balance in your gift card. After reviewing the balance the company will provide you an offer, which if you select then you can choose to accept hard cash or a deposit in your bank or PayPal account.

The amount you receive will depend on the brand of the coupon you have. But as the company had already stated that you cannot expect to receive 100% of the value, therefore the company will only provide 92%. For example if you owe a $100 Amazon gift card and exchange at then you can expect to receive $92 only. Then you can choose any of the payment options, transfer or PayPal. You will receive the payment within 1 or 2 days.

There are also times when company requires you to mail them the physical gift card. While in many cases the situation is not the same. They just ask you to enter the card number and the pin. When you are selling a gift card the company provides you a list of instructions which you can follow up and you will also require providing them the details of your credit card. There is a catch that the company do not accept the gift cards which are expiry or promotional which will be used on specific locations or areas.

Simply, if you wish to buy or purchase gift coupons then you just browse through the site and select your coupons and get the desired products on rebate.

Luckily, the company also provide referral program. You get $5 for every referral link you share and it becomes the member. Even the person who signs up using your referral link also receives $5.

Either the gift coupons are exchanged or purchased they are given 45 days guarantee. Within this time period you must inform the company if you are occurring with any problem related to the card. They may return your money if they find any inconsistency with the coupon. But once the period gets over the card will no longer be protected by the company.


  • The very thing I liked about is that the company provides various options for payment. When you sell your gift card you can receive the money either by check or PayPal.
  • Secondly, it is really thankful for the company to provide an opportunity for those who wish to utilize their discarded gift cards. The company pays 92% of the value of the gift card.


  • There are many complaints related to the balance of the card that it will disappear after 45 days of protection period ends. Therefore it seems that the users need to use the card within 45 days.
  • The rating of Better Business Bureau for is B-, which is not too good.
  • As the company claims that the seller can expect to receive 92% of the value of card. But as according to the complaints, you receive maximum 50% of the value. As these flowery words is just the way to dupe innocent people.
  • The other thing which can be considered against the company is that the customer service of is very poor. Though the company do provide response but no action of issues are concerned.


Definitely, is completely a legit and valid site but due to some of the reasons mentioned above we do not recommend to all our present and potential readers. If you are probably a buyer then you must be careful in using but in case you wish to sell your unwanted gift card then it’s a pretty comfortable platform for you all.

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