review: Is Carethy a legit Shopping Store?

All the good things must come to an end. Therefore your research about has found its way. We are here to help you with various questions arousing in your mind. If you are late in the day, then get your solution right here: We preferably not recommend you people to use this site specifically.

The site claims that it provides products for all types of generation. Products varying from maternity, childhood products, all ranges of beauty items, supplements and vitamins, sports , to hygiene goods. They even provide customers promo code for their convenient buying. They assure that all the products are advised by the experts and specialists. Hence all these claims are not believed due to various reasons which are been mentioned in the following paragraphs. review Is Carethy a legit Shopping Store


As it’s well said that “Do not judge book by its cover”. In the same way is endorsed by our website for some specific reasons. Firstly no contact details of the owner is been mentioned, either on the website itself or on the WHOIS.As it’s been noticed that the details of the owner is not been mentioned, and such things happen only with the fraudulent sites.  Therefore no option is provided to the customers in order to contact them for any happening.

They claim that they deliver the products within the time period of 24/48 hours and that the money which is been transferred to them before the delivery of the product through online payment method is secured. But as per our research, the reviews of the customers which is been hauling all over the internet against is a true mirror for all those people who are trusting this useless site. All the claims over the website are extravagant and are wasting the time of the people. Some of the reviews of the people assert that the products are not still delivered to them even after the payment was made, others muse that the goods they received were not up to the mark and the even the complete product was not received by them. There are various people over the internet that depicts their annoyance against the website.

The website assures that all the products are under 2 years warranty, but when they are not delivered by the company, how will the shopper use it. Therefore it’s been concluded that all the claims are exaggerated just to impress the innocent personages by laying a trap. Therefore it’s better late than never; so we prefer you to stop shopping from such sites before reviewing it.


This site is Not Recommended by us due to the above mentioned reasons . Moreover, even it can happen that products consumed , delivered by the Carethy website can cause harm to your health and can cause you serious problem. Therefore, we highly recommend you to stop using such websites .

The theme and the writings are designed in such a way to deceive people. Thus, you should be careful in order to protect yourself from such fraud. Hence, this website named is listed in our “NOTRECOMMENDED” SECTION.