Cash Camel Review – Scam or Legit?

Cash Camel Review – Scam or Legit?

Cashcame review - Scam or LegitCashCamel has been online from 2011 and the owner of the CashCamel is Kristopher Armes.

Name: CashCamel
Rating: 52 out of 100
Owner: Kristopher Armes
Price to join: Free
Link to join:

What is CashCamel

CashCamel is a paid to click site in which you get paid when you view the adverisement. In CashCamel, advertiser can promote their website or affiliate link at very low cost.They want traffic and the time you click on those link you get paid.

Steps to earn money in CashCamel

Following are the steps to earn money in CashCamel:

Step1) Earn money by viewing advertisement:

You can earn money in CashCamel by clicking links and viewing advertizement. You can earn up to $0.0002 per click
Paid to promote: You can promote the site to earn money and you get paid for $0.00001 for each unique visitor that views your referrals for every 24 hours.

Step2) Earn more money by referrals(Earn commisons from direct referrals)

The best way to earn more money is referrals. There is unlimited direct referrals system exist. You can refer as many as you want. You will get commisions when they click or purchase. You will get 20% of your referral earning, So try to make a big downline to earn more commisions.

Click Exchange:

There is a click exchange feature, It is same as clicking the ads but this time you will get unique visitors instead of cash. In this feature, you will recieve 2/1 ratio , means you will get 1 unique visitor for every 2 links you click.You can promote your other PTC sites link or any other program and can get traffic on that link.

The minimum amount to chasout for Paypal is $0.01 for Paypal and it is $1.01(no fees) for Payza. All payemnets are made within 72 hours.

Positvie things about CashCamel

  • CashCamel is paying on time for more than 4 years so it can be considerd as a  legit site.
  • There is no limit on direct referrals.
  • For advertiser, It is the best site in the PTC industries. You will get 1000 link credit only at $0.25 and even less when you purchase more credit links.

Negative things about CashCamel

  • There is CashCamel lotto game. It is a lottery game in which you need to purchase a ticket, The ticket cost is $0.02.  You will get cash prizes if you win.You can win up to $0.2 to $0.85. But it is hard to win in these types of games. So do not waste money which you earned with your hard efforts.
  • It is hard to earn money without referrals so try to make referrals. There is no limit on direct referrals, Refer as many as you can.
  • Cashcamel does not have a forum. You can not see other payment proofs also you can not discuss with other members and staff.

Final Verdict

CashCamel is a legit site and paying on time. It is not an earning site, You can not earn good money in this site. This is primarily an advertising site but you can earn incentives by veiewing ads, referring others and more.

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