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What is Is Startweeklyjob Scam or Legit Is Startweeklyjob Real or Fake Startweeklyjob Review,Startweeklyjob

How does work? Why we do not recommend it?

Again we want to tell you that Startweeklyjob is a Scam site. Stay away from this site. Startweeklyjob Company claims that they are the only easiest service conducting live earning program for the users or members benefit. According to Startweeklyjob Company, you just have to follow some steps and you will start earning. First, you will have to sign up on their site which is free of cost. Then you will have to share this link with your friends, family members and other people on social media. Startweeklyjob Company claims that the members of this Company are earning $200 -$500 per day. Do you know how this is possible? We know, this is not possible because they have no any other source of income other than this. They are not selling any product or any other work. Just for sharing their referral link to other people on different -different social media platform, will they give you this much amount? They just want to promote their site at any cost. Once you will do this task then they will not respond to you. This is just a trick to scam people.

Did you notice the terms and condition of Startweeklyjob company? Their condition is that minimum payout limit is $300 i.e. first you will have to earn this much then you will able to do so. Eventually, we want to tell you that you have to share that referral link that much time to make $300 then you will be able to withdraw that amount. If you dare to do that task and you complete that. Now you want to withdraw that money, you will send a request. They will reply that your request is in a process it will take some time. You give them some time and still, they do not pay you then you will send again a request. Now they will say that for speed up your request you will have to pay some amount. If you do that task then? Then they will not reply you because they just want to scam you. This is a scam site so why they will pay you? They scam other people for making money.

We checked that they do not leave any information of the owner of this site on their site. We also check them on WHOIS record. Startweeklyjob Company also hides their information on WHOIS record. Why they hide their information? What is their intention behind this? Generally, those sites which do not provide the information about their owner are scam sites. But we are sure that this is a scam site. So stay away from this site.

When you will register yourself on their site, they will ask you for your personal and financial information. Do you know what they can do with our information? They will collect big data of information then they will sell this to any third party or any hacker. You may be the victim of hackers or any other things. They can play with your information at different – different places. So be careful and stay away from such site.


We have told you that Startweeklyjob is purely a Scam site. Here greedy people Scams to innocent people through their lucrative offers. So do not come on any exciting offers of any of site. first, you make sure that you are with a legit and genuine site, then join them.

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