What is Cashinwork.com? Is Cashinwork Scam?

What is Cashinwork.com? Is Cashinwork Scam?

If you are looking for Cashinwork reviews in order to know answer of questions like What is Cashinwork, Whether Cashinwork Scam or Legit and Whether Cashinwork Real or Fake, Then you are on the right page. In this review we will discuss about Cashinwork owner details, Cashinwork taks, Cashinwork complaints any many more.

Instead of reading full review, If you want to  know quickly from us whether Cashinwork is scam or not? Then, Cashinwork is a scam site. Cashinwork is following a fake business model and this site does not pay to anyone. If you want to know more reasons to declared it a scam site then you can read our detailed review as given below.

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What is Cashinwork? And why it is a Scam site?

Cashinwork claims to pay $10 for a simple task. And the task on their website is that they will give you a referral link and you have to promote that link on various forums, blogs, Facebook walls e.t.c. They claim that when some one click on that link you will earn $5 to $10 for each click. Have you heard this kind of site which pay $10 for such a simple task? If you heard then all of those sites are totally scams. No one legit site pay $10 for such a simple task. And more than that, They are also offering $25 when you join their website, which another way to attract more people into the system.

If we talk about the owner of this site, then there is no information given on their website about who owns or run this website. Cashinwork domain as Cashinwork.com has been also  registered privately, So no one know who is actually behind this site. However, Cashinwork.com has been registered 40 days ago(at the time of review) on 2 April, 2017. The owner of this site trying to hide himself but we know it is the same who also owned other sites such as DutyTrend, Dutyspace, Dollarsaw. Why we are saying it owned by the same owner or same group then if you visit those sites then you will find that other sites are looking exactly same and also following the same script.Sometimes to confuse people they also changed the data like Total Earned Today, Total paid to Users Today, Right side image.

All the payout they are showing on their site is totally fake. When you work on their site, Your account will be credited for the work you did on their website. But, when you reached the minimum cashout limit and request for payout,  They will provide you the list of surveys and ask you to complete one survey to receive your payment.  The worst thing is that those surveys are not free, You need to pay from your own pocket to complete those surveys. Even if you complete those survey, You will not receive your payment.

Cashinwork and other similar sites are only open with the intention of scam. They are online to make money for themselves, not to pay you. These types of sites are making money by selling your personal information to third parties. They get your personal information when you join their site, third parties can misuse your information to make fake citizenship, Fake passport, e.t.c. If you search around the internet you will find many complaints from Cashinwork members about pending payments. Till date, none of these type of sites pay to single user.


As we mentioned before, Cashinwork is a completely fake company, So stay away from this site. We also added this site into our “Avoid Scam” Section. You can find list of  Bad and Scam sites by clicking the below link

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If you want to ask anything about Cashinwork or want to ask any other online work, then simply leave your comment below. We are happy to help you.