What is Cashthetasks.com? Is Cashthetasks Scam?

What is Cashthetasks.com? Is Cashthetasks Scam?

If you are reading this article then you are curious to know more about Cashthetasks.com. In this Cashthetasks Review we are going to end your curiosity. Earning money online is not passion but a trend. Since, many people are earning from it, we also think that it is easy. In reality what is worthy never come easy. Due to this ignorance, people fall into the trap of scam websites. Now, some questions might be arising about this website like, is Cashthetasks Scam? Or is Cashthetasks Legit? Or is Cashthetasks Real? Or is Cashthetasks Fake? Do not worry these are the general questions asked by us from many of our readers. If you want to shorten your labor of reading the full article and need our advice immediately. Cashthetasks is purely a scam site. It has theme and offers similar to the already declared scam sites in our Avoid Scam list, like Thepayz, Jobzipo, Incomedoze, Myfixearning, Youthjobz, Formoneyonly and many more. It means that such websites are operated by the same group of people.

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What is Cashthetasks.com Is Cashthetasks Scam or Legit Is Cashthetasks Real or Fake Cashthetasks Review Cashthetasks

How does Cashthetasks works?

Earning online made easy by many websites and almost every one of them turn into scam site. They have ridiculous task as job for whole world. They are paying greatly also. In Cashthetasks, they are offering $5 for sign up, $5 per referral click and $10 for every referral. Yes you are reading it right. You can earn $20 buy just doing three tasks which take hardly 30 seconds to complete. Referrals are the good way to increase website traffic and almost every website use this method. But the genuine company offer very low percentage commission. It means to earn $1 in genuine company have to make around 30-40 referrals. Cashthetasks give commission directly in dollars. It creates some suspicion about this company. By simple calculation we can understand this, if people all over the world join them and they pay as they are saying then the company will collapse in few minutes. But in the history of such website they never have been collapse because they never pay to anybody. Yes, you read it right once again, ‘they never pay and they never had’.

When members blindly complete the tasks or make referrals for the website. A time comes when they want to withdraw their money from their account. The website credit people account immediately after make any referral. But this account which they credit is the one which is opened in their website. Before withdrawing money in this website, members have to meet out the minimum payout limit i.e. they must have $300 in their account before requesting to withdraw. When member meet out this condition the company tell them that their request is in process and it will take one month for the process due to technicality. If member want to withdraw money urgently then they have to pay up-gradation fee or complete some paid survey. Since, surveys are paid one’s the company will earns from it by using people time & resources. Even after completing the surveys the company did not pay to them. The never had the intention to pay. They are working to earn money online for themselves and not for anybody else.

The company asks members to share their personal information with them. This will provide company to accumulate information and turn it into big data. The company then sells this to third party and earns revenue. They also ask for financial information of members to pay them their money. But in reality this leads to, arrival of phishing mails and malware from anonymous source to members email. Hackers theft through such malwares and recently in 2016 Wannacry Ransomeware hit the news all over the world.

The authenticity and credibility of any company can be measure on the parameter of transparency. Transparency comes from information and it built trust. Cashthetasks website does not provide any information of the owner. They also hide their information in WHOIS records. It simply means that they are hiding intentionally so that nobody can catch them. This is the most common feature of the scam website.


Cashthetasks is 100% scam site and we advice our readers to avoid it. It is futile to spend your precious time in this website. Since, the person who is operating this website is not able to share its information then how we can trust him, that he will share the revenue. They are in the market only to cheat people. First, do not provide your personal and financial details to anybody. Second, keep distance from such websites.

To earn money in simple way can be done in real world. It is prove by the Wealthy Affiliate Company. It has many training programs which helped people to earn money online. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate Company then visit our page by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

 If you have still any doubt about Cashthetasks please ask us by dropping you doubt in the comment box. We will be pleased to help you.