Cathego Review – Is Cathego a Legit Online Sandals store?

Cathego Review – Is Cathego a Legit Online Sandals store?

In this technological era, the internet added a lot of comfort in the lives of people. It enables users to get anything by staying at home. Ecommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in the past few decades. Cathego.com is one of the thousands of online sellers available over the internet that offers different types of female sandals.

The  product line of Cathego includes Denim Wedge Heel Sandals, Summer Casual Velcro Flat Sandals, Bohemian Flat Heel Paneled Flip-flop Sandals, and many other types of female sandals.

In this article, we will perform a comprehensive review of this online platform based on different features offered by the seller.It helps you to know about the legitimacy of this seller. Let’s take a look.

Cathego Review - Is Cathego a Legit Online Sandals store?

Product Details

Cathego.com provides comprehensive details for all its products in a well-mannered and attractive way. It provides detailed information about the size and color available for every sandal available for sale on the website. It is easy for the buyers to select the desired size from the list, and it is beneficial to avoid any fitting problem after delivery.

Furthermore, it also provides detailed information about the material used in the manufacturing of sandal as well as the features and advantages related to that particular sandal. This type of data increases the buyer’s confidence in the seller and its product.

It provides multiple images for every product that is useful to get a detailed preview of design from different angles.

Customer Reviews

Cathego.com provides customer reviews about every product on the product page, but it lacks details in terms of date and time. Moreover, most of the reviews are in the same writing format and display the full rating. At this point, we find it suspicious. Therefore, we never recommend the buyers to purchase the sandal based on user reviews provided by cathego.com.


As per the shipping option provided by cathego.com, people from around the world can buy the sandals from their site. The most attractive part of this feature is that it offers low shipping costs but the charges varied from country to country.

Price And Discount Offers

Usually, stores from around the world practice to offer discounts on their products with excessive stock or old stock to make room for new stock. As we know, this seller deals with ladies’ products, and, usually,ladies’fashion changes rapidly as compared to men’s fashion.

Therefore, massive discounts are offered by stores most of the time. The discount offered by this seller startsat 7% and goes up to 72% depending on the product. It looks usual, but it also provides intimation about setting high prices and offering massive discounts to attract customers.

Additionally, this seller offers an extra discount if buyers purchase multiple products, which is great to attract more customers.

Overall, it seems that the discounted prices are worthwhile and are similar to the market rates offered by other sellers.

Payment Options

If we look at the payment options, this seller accepts payment from different types of credit cards as well as you can also make payment through PayPal. The inclusion of multiple options creates a plus point about the seller and increases the confidence level as well.

Moreover, it offers a secure payment feature that is useful to ensure the payment details of customers. This feature also reduces the risk of hacker’s attacks on the website and access to sensitive information of customers.

Refund Policy

Cathego.com claims that they trust the quality of their products and services. Therefore, they offer 30 days money-back guarantee,but buyers have to pay for the shipment charges for getting a refund.

Moreover, the seller refuses to take responsibility in case the product gets misplaced and not received when the buyer sends it back for replacement or for getting a refund. This inclusion of this condition makes the refund policy suspicious.

Website Structure

In this section, we take a look at different essential elements of the website that are worthwhile to consider for making purchases.

SSL Certificate

The website is equipped with an SSL certificate that is perfect to create a security fence around the site. It is another positive indication for making secure transactions.

About Us Page

However, this page provides information just like a short description. Still, it is sufficient to know about the seller and its operational activities.

Contact Us Page

On this page, the seller provides the business address,as we check it on Google, we find another company is registered on the same address and deals in headphones. It puts a significant question mark on the integrity of the seller.


All the above information is collected from the official site of the seller and a few other websites. We thoroughly study the reviews of customers on different sites.

After collecting all the information, we never suggest you buy from this seller because it fails to provide an unclear refund policy and business information as well. Also, the massive discount offers up to 72%, and all the products are offered with a discount, which is not possible in regular business practices.

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