Pursue incentive quality? CB Money Vine Review

With the expansion and development of globalization people are curious to earn more money day by day. Hence more ways and streams are discovered on a daily basis. This way it becomes more important to keep you protected from the scammers and other hackers.

Recently we came into the contact of new software which has high claims namely CB Money Vine. As it’s quite difficult to reach the level of attaining the success from these ways hence you should carefully put each step. How could single software help to conquer the end?

In this article we will unfold all the ends with induced details and conclude whether CB Money Vine is legit and applicable or is just playing trick.

Pursue incentive quality? CB Money Vine Review

What is CB Money Vine?

CB Money Vine is software developed and operated by Brain Winters who claims high about it. According to the operator the software robotize all affiliate sales. In simpler words you will automatically fetch 40% – 50% of commission Ito your account.

The company claimed that each and every buyer is directed to you this automates the affiliate sale.

Basically CB Money Vine is an effortless software panel stimulus people to buy the products of Clickbank continuously using your affiliate link. Therefore you will fetch money by becoming one of the affiliate marketers.

Once you observe the sales page of the company you will glimpse various words which will instantly raise red flags in your mind such as “Easiest money”, “Autopilot”, “Income software” and many more.

How CB Money Vine does tend to work?

The CB software is regarded as one of the passive income earner in the entire system industry. But the question arises is it truly worth the time?

Normally you earn one commission at one time with other stereotype Affiliate programs. You fetch earnings when your affiliate link is clicked by other people and they are taken directly to the sales page of the client official website. And if these attached people buy the product offered on the merchant’s site then you will receive commission. This was the traditional process going up to now.

However working with CB Money you will fetch more competitive income. In this system your affiliates will be motivated to purchase the products every month. This way you will earn more.

All you will be required to do is to purchase the CB Money Vine and the company will provide you a website which will be free. The website given will contain a attach referral link which you can be used to advertise the CB Money Vine. Plus over 4000 physical and digital Clickbank products will be added with your provided affiliate link.

This will ease your task as you will not have to advertise each and every product individually. Directly you will promote CB Money Vine with your affiliate link which will be hard-coded with various Clickbank products.

Hence when your referral will buy the Clickbank product through your affiliate link you will fetch commission.

Now the question arises why people will buy the products from CB Money Vine rather than buying from Clickbank itself.

Basically the loop is been placed here. As mentioned above the members will have to purchase Clickbank products at least once in a month and if they don’t their system will stop operating.

This is a chain where members are tucked. Once you stop purchasing the products you will also stop receiving the commissions and your affiliate link will become inoperative. Hence you have become a member of the system and you too have to follow the vine where you will be looped.

Generate Traffic:

As the company has told you on the sales page that the process is automatic but this is not the case. The entire process is not fully automated you will be required to promote your referral link.

Technically you need clicks of the people on the promotion you have made so that they buy the products of Clickbank.

You will have to work hard. Hence the process cannot be automated until and unless you have prepared a firm source from where you can achieve traffic. Obtaining traffic from a blog or YouTube channel can be quite difficult as it will take time to establish.

You can enjoy the perks of automated CB Money Vine only that moment when other will become member of the system using your referral link.

Practically you have to learn and lean to know the source of traffic. After a person becomes member through your link then only you will start fetching 50% of the commission’s per Clickbank product sale.

How much can you fetch?

Practically you will not fetch much because of the reason that it becomes quite difficult in the initial period. You should keep in mind that you will not be paid for the clicks you receive on your promotion link but for the clicks that take an action and make a purchase within the products of Clickbank.

People mostly tend to become dormant after 1-2 months of their purchase. Hence you need to incentive new referrals on a daily basis.


In all there are 5 upsells you will have to make in order to earn quick and fast. These 5 upsells are mentioned below:

  • CBMV 10K List Mogul ($97) : This section of upsells assent you the permission of securing the email address of all the people who have login CB Money Vine through your referral link.

Plus you people will also be provided with a package of done-for-you emails sequences.

Hence this upsell should only be purchased when you want a scheduled list. Remember to get an auto responder so that the products and emails can be sending automatically.

  • CBMV 6 – figure Empire ($397): Purchasing this upsell will render you 6 fully upgraded systems which monitors selling and income. These consist of Siphon Reloaded, IGMoney Tree, ShopMonopoly.
  • CBMV 4 Autopilot Traffic Co-op ($197): This section of upsell claims to sum up the purchaser with the traffic disruption where you will get hands-free traffic until and unless you are the member of CB Money Vine.

To be observed carefully we remember that the company claimed its software to be automated. But if the software would be automated then why this week should be an upsell and not an added feature.

The catch which can be glimpsed is that no company who aims to generate revenue provides unlimited promotion for rest of life till you are the member of CB Money Vine at just $197. This could be guessed that these advertising sources are not of much quality.

  • CBMV Commission Accelerator ($47): This section of upsell will let you to fetch commission from the referrals who click on your promoted link.
  • CBMV 4 Figure Commission Club ($197): This upsell provide you the perk of adding an additional high ticket product and by this you can fetch $500 each sale you make.


The CB Money Vine is completely legit and worth working with but if you observe the sales page and match the working of the system then you could find some impractical prospect.

The company had claimed that the system is fully automated but in reality you will have to attract the traffic towards your promotion link.

To become a member you will have to enter into the loop of software where you will be forced to

buy the Clickbank products every month. Hence when their referral will purchase products each month then you will earn commission form those.

Hence for this purpose you will have to incentive various referrals in order to generate to revenue. Hence this is the hardest part of the software.

Thus instead of its legitimacy we do not recommend CB Money Vine to any of our reader.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.


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