Charmeric.com Review: Is Charmeric a Scam?

If you are searching for charmeric.com review then you have particularly landed on the right place. For instance, you are running late then we might conclude that charmeric.com is a fake and sham website.

Charmeric.com is an online shopping website which offers unique and excellent fashion products which are in trend whilst providing comfortable, alluring and eye warming clothes. The company  even supply jewellery, bottoms, swimwear, casual dresses and a variety of outfits.

At first look the site looks very striking but if one goes deep inside, he realizes that the website is alike other scam sites which contain various red flags.

Reasons for Non Recommendation:

It is very much relevant that all the legit sites provide the dametauls regarding their owner and the company. Unlikely it’s not the case with charmeric.com. There is no information about the owner, no contact details and no address is mentioned on the site.

Even charmeric.com has not provided any detail on “About Us” section which is common with most of the scam sites. The company has only provided one email address which is very unprofessional. There is no information available on the WHOIS records which is a basic feature of all the fraud websites. Just the owner name is mentioned that is CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED. Therefore a single reason is enough to avoid such a scam site as there are many online stores which creates problems are operating under the same owner. Some of the sites are Jodimitty, AnnieCloth and many more. Therefore these all are the characteristics of the fake sites.

The most important tactic of the scammers is to lure the innocent potential buyers by providing high amount of discounts. Charmeric.com has also provided goods at half price which is just a trap

Even the models faces are cut from the images of the product they are advertising on the charmeric.com. Such situation happens in the case of fraudulent website which copy paste the images of the products without the consent of the other party. In this case if the faces will be cropped then it ought to be difficult for the copyright company to find the pictures.

“Privacy policy” section is not included in the website which contradicts the trust of the people. Therefore it is possible that the financial and personal information can be misused. As this section is an essential element for any legit website. Hence it is advisable in case you have shared your personal and bank data then withdraw all such details and detach yourself from such any other scam sites. Other than this you must contact your bank to force stop your card and renew you another.

The “Refund Policy” of charmeric.com is complete useless as it claims that the product can only exchanged or refunded if it is in orginal packaging and with proper lables entact which is way to impossible. Beacuse if a person will try the product than the warapping has to be opened. Therefore such claims are exaggerated only by unscrupulous people.

Many complanits are hovering over the internet about the sites which is owned by CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED. There are cleints which are complaining about the cheap quality of the product they were delivered or the products were totally different from the one which were advertised. Many users are unsatisfied with the customer service, refund policy, and delivery time.

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As the above mentioned bullet points are a proof of charmeric.com being a fake and scam website. Therefore we certainly do not recommend you to use such sites. If you want to but things online and want to know more about such sites then you can check on our page.

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