Is a scam or legit? Read our full article.

  Is a scam or legit? Read our full article.

If you are eager to know about and apparently are searching about the same then you have landed on the right place. In this article we will include all the details about and we will try to erase all your doubts. is a website which promises its customers to provide portable, congenial, and comfortable handbags and back tags. provides variety of handbags like mini handbags, bucket bags with wide range of color opportunities.

In contrary to all the claims accused by the company, is completely opposite of it. It is unreliable and untrustworthy. If you are running late and want to know right here about then we must conclude that is absolutely fake and irksome website. The reason for such a vigorous statement is explained in the following paragraphs.

Is a scam or legit?

Reasons for Non Recommendation:

We are here to reveal the dirty truth about which is 100% a fake website. The company has not provided any details about its owner as it’s a major trap thrown by the scammers. In its sales page no information is mentioned about the identity of the owner, address of the office, phone number to contact in the case of emergencies, just an email address is provided. Thus the company claims that the customer service provides their response within 24 hours but if we go through the internet which is burdened by the complaints of the users, we will experience that all the claims offered by the company are completely fake and false. As in such a case of mishappening no one can be held liable as no subtitles are detailed.

The discounts availing on the products of are way too high. The products are more than half the price of the product sold in the market or other legit websites. As obviously without any doubt all the companies owe a business to earn profit. Therefore providing such heavy rebates is a mere tactic of scammers to lure the innocent customers. Hence, it is advisable to keep a safe distance from such false sites.

There are hundreds of complaints all over the internet about the about its delivery and quality of products. The products delivered to the customers are very poor and cheap quality. Even some people were delivered with the products and goods which were different while placing order. And as according to the claim of the company that those will not be exchanged until they are in its original packaging. Therefore this demand of the company cannot be fulfilled as the products cannot be checked until they are unpacked. Such statements are mentioned only by the people behind the fraud websites.

Websites such as are prone to cyber attack and are majorly there to benefit themselves in one or the other way. They can theft your personal and financial data and can use it up to their advantage. These scam companies utilize your bank information and debit the amount without your knowledge. In case you have shared your data then it is advisable to detach yourself from such scam sites and inform your bank to force your current card and propose you another one.

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Conclusion: is absolutely fake and fraudulent site which scams people for their own benefit. Keeping any relationship with such sites can directly harm your personal life. As has not provided any details about its owner and address it completely indicates that is scam. It is advisable that the moment you think of shopping online than it is preferable to use legit and well-known sites like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Therefore is not trustworthy and we include in our Non Recommended Section.

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