Want tutions and assistance online? Chegg Review 

As day by day the utilization of mobile phones are increasing timeless. People all over the world are in a tradition of using phone for all their miscellaneous activities. Either it is shopping groceries from online store or booking a cab for travel, everywhere phones have become an important part of daily lives. In the similar manner people are even getting education and tutions online these days.

In this article we will be discussing about chegg.com and whether it is worth to use or just an another scam to waste time and money.

Want tutions and assistance online? Chegg Review 

What is Chegg.com?

Chegg.com is a company co-founded by Dan Johnston, Alison Johnston and Joey Shurtleff in San Francisco CA in 2011. Chegg.com is basically known for merchandising advance textbooks. Recently the company had added tutoring as their another option for helping students. They have created an effective platform where students are primarily benefited with their courses. Basically, the tutor’s are home based employees who provide their lectures either way via text, audio or visual.

How chegg.com works?

To be hired as a tutor in chegg.com you need a laptop with a webcam and a high speed internet connection. Chegg.com hires tutors from all over the world. At first you need to make an account either by using your Facebook or email address. Once you create your account you will be required to upload your photo as a profile. The company even asks you to prove your identity by certain documents like uploading your identity card, diploma, or any other valid document.

For you to be selected by the chegg.com company you are required to be a graduate or enrolled into a four year degree course. Once everything is gone through your application will be reviewed and the company will declare their results in a week or so.

Once you get accepted as a chegg.com tutor you can log into online requests hub where you can see requests form several students you require help in the subjects you declare you are good at.

Being a tutor you will assigned with a session with the requested students. Learner are supposed to submit their doubted questions and choose the tutor’s of their choice and apparently they can start with their tutoring session or workshop. In case the pupils and the site operators are happy and satisfied with your attended session then you will paid according to the length of your session you took. The website provides a range of tools which both the student and tutor gets an access to. It includes a visual whiteboard, chat tool and a text window which can be edited. The tutors and students are easily able to interact in real time with each other.

How chegg.com pays?

Precisely, Chegg tutors are paid 20+ dollars for a hour in an initial stage which can be apparently improved by making a strong build reputation. Once your first lecture goes well you can make a pool of students who repeatedly comes for your sessions and this will increase your income too. But there is always a catch and in chegg.com to create a large amount of money you need to be active all the time when minority of the students send their requests. As the company follows one morale “first comes is first served”. Due to research it is observed that in the day and evening time students are mostly active.

The tutors of chegg.com are paid via PayPal on every Thursday of week. Every minute of your lecturing will worth you money.

Advantages of chegg.com:

  • The company hires employees people from allover the world. So there is no space for discrimination.
  • The manner in which chegg.com pays it’s tutors or freelancers is through PayPal which is best suited option for all the people hired.
  • The tutors are given an opportunity to buy, rent or borrow the college textbooks and workbooks so that they can have glance of the manner in which students are taught in college.

Disadvantages of chegg.com:

  • Firstly, the employees are worried with the first come first serve model. As there is lot of waiting all over and when the site claims the request and undoubtedly when you click on it, it appears that someone else has already taken the opportunity.
  • While tutoring session you have to get through the rude and annoying students who will at times pass comments and will curse you at your back.

People who are earning most are awaited tutors working for a long time. And they have catered a pool of students with full dedication. If you are good at attracting students with impressive communication skills then you can collect a haul of students towards you who will watch your sessions repeatedly.

According to some complaints from the tutors that they get less hours of work and typical first come first serve basis cater difficulties in the path of tutors. In its reply the company claims that it is perfect for the customers to be solved with their problems with no lesser time. In other words the company do not want their students to wait for long to get an access to a tutor but meanwhile for tutors it might be more stressing.


After viewing all the details and feedback by the tutors and the users that is students, we completely agree that the site is true self and is helping the people worldwide. From the view point of tutors they receive the payments of time with pure respect. And for students they are getting advantage of best tutors all over the world with purely their choice.

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If you are hovering with doubts and negativity then please feel free to comment in the below section provided. Experience holders are also welcome to share their views and opinions.


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