What is Clixsense? Is Clixsense Scam or Legit?

What is Clixsense? Is Clixsense Scam or Legit?

In this update of Clixsense, we are placing the Clixsense in our “Not Recommended” section. The Clixsense which was earlier a combination of PTC and GPT site has stopped its working as a PTC site from 15 July 2017 onwards. It means that members earlier were able to earn money by viewing ads and taking surveys are now left with one option i.e. taking surveys. Even though there are various methods available on the site to earn money but the feature of PTC site is not available anymore. Before starting our Clixsense review we want to make clear is that we are not putting the Clixsense site in our “Trusted and Legit” Work section. We are placing Clixsense in our “Not Recommended” list. It is because now we are placing only those sites in our Trusted and Legit section that can help people to earn a decent amount with very low risk. Also one should also earn as worthy as their efforts. Another reason for placing the Clixsense in our “Not Recommended” section is that you will not be able to earn good money as compare to the amount of hard work you will do on this site. By this we mean that if you work very hard on this site even then in the end you will only be able to earn a pocket money for yourself. The best way only left for member’s to earn good money is via making numerous referrals. But it is not much helpful to earn good money because we have made 1000s of referrals on this site and our earning is not much. Here, we want to make clear that everyone is not good in making referral and if you are new in the internet marketing then it is very difficult for you. It is not wise to work so hard on such sites that are not helping you to make good money.

Moreover, you can earn good money by working on the other legit sites. Therefore, we are not recommending Clixsense now onwards. But it does not mean that Clixsense is a scam site. Cilxsense is pretty much a legit site. It is paying to its member without any fail from the day of its establishment. You can still join it for free of cost and earn money by completing surveys and other methods. It is totally depends upon your discretion to join this site or not. We have placed the site in “Not Recommended” list due to the reasons we have explained. You are the master of your life so to work on this site or not is purely your decision and not yours. We are neither promoting this site nor recommending it. What we feel about this site we have explained in above paragraph.

There are many sites working over the internet that are legit and pay people according to their efforts. It is not easy to earn money on the internet but finding a legit site which help people to earn money online is hard task. We have simplified this for you. You can take the advantage of our list of legit site. Sites that help people to earn money as per their efforts are also working on the internet. If you are interested to know about such sites then you can consider our list of “Trusted and Legit” site. To see the list please click the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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Below you can see your previous review on the Cilxsense:

Are you looking around the internet to know about the Clixsense Review then you have arrived at the right destination. On this Clixsense Review you will find answer to your curiosity and some other points will also be meted out. Some general question that are readers usually ask from us like, is Clixsense Scam? Or is Clixsense Legit? Or is Clixsense Real? Or is Clixsense Fake? We are going to talk about the Clixsense in detail. We will touch some points like background of the Clixsense; how does Clixsense work? Clixsense payment proofs. What is Clixsense? What are the drawbacks of Clixsense and our experience of Clixsense. If you are not interested to read the full article, and want us to lower your burden of reading then we can provide you the summary of this article in next few lines. The Clixsense is the legit company with constantly and regularly paying its members. It is a 100% genuine company that is working on the combination of PTC and GPT sites. But as we know nothing is perfect. Clixsense also have drawback in its site. We are going to discuss the in detail about the discrepancies in our article below.

What is Clixsense Is Clixsense Scam or Legit Is Clixsense Real or Fake Clixsense Review, Clixsense

Background of Clixsense

Information is the new oil of the present digital world. Transparency is imperative to build the credibility of the company. Company which does not provide any kind of information about their owner or people working in that company then it is not good to invest in any way in that company.

The Clixsense is a genuine site that has provided the information about their owner on their website. The Clixsense was launched in the year 2007. The founder of the Clixsense was the Mr. Steven Grisky. He sells the site to Mr. Jim Grago in 2010 and he is currently running this company. He is the legitimate owner of the Clixsense. We find the same details in the WHOIS records. Many scammers hide their information in the WHOIS records but the company genuinely running does not hide their information. They know that higher the level of transparency a company provide the higher will be the company credibility and the trust among public.

What is Clixsense?

Clixsense is a combination of PTC and GPT website. PTC is stand for Paid to and GPT stands for Get Paid To. Earlier it was started as the PTC site but later it added other money making ways like Crowdflower tasks Clixsense offers and paid surveys which are very popular at present time.

Clixsense is a 100% legit site which paying its member since October 2015 and we never had any issues regarding payment with them.

Who can join or work on the Clixsense site?

This site is very suitable for every kind of people who have a basic knowledge of computer and skills regarding basic functions of computer. They need just a sound knowledge of internet and digital equipments like phone or laptop or desktop with internet connection.

There are many ways in which one can earn money on the Clixsense site. The ways you will find on the site are like Clicking the ads, Completing offers, taking the surveys.  Surveys can give around $0.6 to $5. Clixsense also provide some kind of mini jobs, clixgrid which also help you to earn money. One can earn around $0.07 by completing the task. The details of the task is given below which can provide you insight of the company working.

Various ways of earning money on the Clixsense

  1. Surveys: to complete surveys you need zero skill and anyone can make money by completing the surveys. However, the surveys are based on geographical location it means you will get only those surveys which is concerned in your region or demographics. Tier 1 countries have the most number of surveys. One can find surveys in abundance in the Tier 1 countries. If you are from Tier 1 countries then you can earn good money by completing the surveys.

The countries listed in Tier 1 list are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States

Many developing countries like India got no. of surveys even though not included in the Tier 1 list. Pay rate of survey can definitely vary with surveys to surveys and also depends on the geographical location. They are low for developing nations and high for countries in Tier 1.

  1. Clixsense Tasks: it is one of the best way to earn money on the Clixsense. It is beneficial for the people who are not living in the Tier 1 countries. Tasks generally provided by the third party and not by the Clixsense. Since it is not depend upon the demographic location of the member any one can work in this section. It is totally depend upon your skill, talent and time you spend on this site. The tasks are very simple and you have to complete them. The tasks are like finding information on the internet, classifying the products etc.
  2. Clixsense offers: Clixsense has many partners like Personaly, TokenAds, and OfferTorro among others. They provide different offers from which one can earn money by completing them. Offers are like Surveys, shopping, sign-ups and free.
  3. Clixsense daily checklist bonus: one can earn up to 16% daily bonus on the Clixsense site. It means if anyone is earning $1 from survey, tasks and offers then you can earn $0.16 as bonus. Daily bonus consist daily checklist, ClixAddon Bonus, and Activity Bonus.
  4. Clixsense Affiliate Program: An affiliate program helps a company to sell its product or services via people or members. In Clixsense you can earn commission by making more affiliates on the Clixsense site.
  5. Clixgrid: it is like a game. You will see a big picture is divided in the grid or small boxes. Every box contains a link which will take you to advertiser site. You will get 30 seconds and if you win you can earn up to $10.

How to earn more money in Clixsense?

If you are working on above mention methods then your earning will be slow. We all want to earn good money in short time. It can only happen when you will work on making numerous referrals. Initially, your income will be very slow. But once you make 1000s of referrals then your income will be great on Clixsense. So do not go after completing the surveys and other tasks. They are not going to provide you the good money. But referrals programs provide that opportunity that you need to earn great money.

When you referral works, complete surveys, tasks and do other activities in the same manner as you dot then you will be going to earn a commission on that work also on the Clixsense Company. This is the beauty of the referral commission. The commission that you are going to earn on our referral income is not cut from your referral income but it is given by the Clixsense additionally to its member. So, the good income totally depends upon your work. The more referral you will make the more commission you will earn.

There is no upper limit present in making the referrals. You can make referrals as much as you wish. It is beneficial for you and as well as for the company. Therefore, referrals are considers to be a win-win situation in the marketing strategy as it benefit both company as well as member. Making referrals in your downline will be going to benefit you in the long run. Your commission become manifold because of the referrals present in our downline. But it is not going to happen easily. It will require time and efforts. To have a good earning you need active referrals. The active referrals are the one who are putting a good effort to earn money from the clixsense. The hard part of the referral strategy is to get active referral. Many people when find difficulty in earning on the Clixsense then they just leave the site. They become non-active referrals who are not doing any work to earn money which ultimately not increasing your income. Therefore, making referral is not easy as it seem.

However, if you still working to make referrals then you will earn commission on that. The person who is an expert of online marketing affiliate marketing then they can earn good money but for the newbies it is a difficult task. It is because many new members without knowing about the marketing strategy start working to make referrals and then they fail. They use their relatives and people around them to make referrals but this strategy of making referrals fails terribly. If you are new in referral marketing then we recommend you to join the “Wealthy Affiliate” Company which helps people to understand the work of Affiliate as well as referral marketing and other training programs.

Drawbacks in Clixense

  1. How do you feel when you are not able to cash out your money from the bank instantly? We know it is frustrating. The same thing is happen in Clixsense. We know that Clixsense is not a bank but it allow its member to cashout their money only twice week on Monday and Friday only. It is irritating. Member should be allows to cash out their money whenever they want. But Clixsense is not allowing it. We found it as one of the major drawbacks in the site of Clixsense.
  2. There are some offers which you will get on the Clixsense site. The problem with those offers is that they want member credit card detail in order to earn from it. But do not share your information both personal as well financial information on the internet. It is because those offers are not from the Clixsense. Those offers are provided by the advertisers or the third party. Therefore, it is not safe to provide your data to anonymous people who can misuse them for their mischievous things. You should find some other work in Clixsense.
  3. The best way to earn good money is by making the numerous referrals. Referral is strategy which works as a win-win situation for the members as well as for the company. For making new referrals the company pay commission to its members. In Clixsene also if you are able to make 1000 of referrals then you can earn really good money. But if not then it will be one of your misadventure. Initially, the earning will be very slow but once you able to make good no. of referrals then the scene will be different. For the newbies of internet marketing, this is not a good way to earn money online.
  4. Different method which are available on the Clixsene site are different task, offers, token ads and many more. Those ways are easily seen and available on site. People can earn money by completing the task and other surveys but the problem is that they are very time consuming. The money you will earn by completing those tasks will not be much. In short, by completing such tasks is not going to offer you good money. The only best way to earn a decent amount on Clixsense left is via referrals. Again the same point comes here that is if you are not able to make enough active referrals in your downline then your earning will be very-2 slow and you will not be able to earn pocket money for yourself. To make pocket money it is imperative to make more than 1000s referral. Below this mark, your earning will not be very well for anyone.
  5. The surveys provided on the clixsense are not guaranteed by the same. The Clixsense does not provide any legitimacy of the surveys present on its site. It is one of the major drawbacks one will find on the Clixsense. It is because the survey might extract your information which they can use for their misdoings. Or they can use your information as per their will which is very dangerous and especially in present digital world where the information is consider as the ‘new oil’. If you want to complete those surveys then you have to do your own research before start working on any survey.
  6. Other ways to earn money on the Clixsense are tasks offers, Trial Pay, Offer Toro, Super Rewards, Radio listening and so on. But the earning from all such tasks will not be much. They are not going to pay you as per your time and efforts. If you want time pass and earn any amount then you can complete such tasks.
  7. Sometime the surveys are geographically tagged. It means that one can only qualify for that survey which are operated in his/her region. The drawback of such surveys is that it does not tell people are they qualify for survey or not in the beginning. The company disqualify the members sometime in the middle of the survey by giving the reason that they are not qualified for the survey because of their geographical position or different countries. Sometime companies just disqualify the person without any reason. Sometime member get disqualify after investing their 20 minutes in the end of the survey.

Restricted Countries:

Clixsense is restricted in some countries because of their policy. The list of countries we are going to mention and you can simply check whether your country fall into that list or not. The countries are: Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Niger and Vietnam.

If you have any doubt regarding Clixsene then please share it with us. You can place your query in our comment box present below. We will be happy to help you.


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  3. I am happy to see a trusted site. I have been defrauded by fraudulent sites because I do not know legit sites. Thanks goodness I have found one today and i hope to contribute my best here for the best. Success!

  4. hello sir
    if i join on your online job…how may i see my balance and to withdraw it?i’m in the philippines?

    • Dear Mark Christian Enriquez,
      You can check your balance by placing your mouse cursor over your profile picture which is available on your dashboard. You will automatically see your balance. And about withdraw there are many payment procedures are present from which you can withdraw your balance.

    • Dear Juan Pretorius,
      You can join by simply register yourself by filling the sign up form which is available on the homepage of Clixsense. Once you fill all the details then you will get the verification email. You have to very your email id and then you can log in your Clixsense account.

    • Dear Laica Saguibo Grande,
      You can join crowdflower by simply clicking on the job by mention on the crowdflower page. When you click any job available there you have to provide your email id or simply login with your Facebook account.

  5. after signing in when i try to do a task or survey. i am getting this message. please help me.
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    • Dear Maddy Shaw,
      Sorry for late reply. It is because we were facing some technical issue with our site. So sorry once again. We think that your problem is solved now, but if not then we think that you are from the restricted countries where clixsense is not available.

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