Clixten Review – Scam or Legit?

Clixten Review – Scam or Legit?

Introduction to Clixten :
Clixten Review - Scam or Legit

Clixten is online since November 2012. The owner of the Clixten is Pascal Mihaela.
Name: Clixten
Rating: 80/100
Price to Join:Free
Link to Join:

what is Clixten:

Clixten is a PTC(Paid to click) site in which you can earn money by viewing the advertisement, completing offers(PSTU and offer walls) and playing the grid game. The advertiser wants to get potential customers in their website so they display the ads in Clixten  in a low rate and when  you view those ads you will get some money.

How to earn money with  Clixten:

You can earn money in Clixten by viewing the advertisement. You can  earn up to $0.001 to$ 0.01 per click.You have to view these ads from 2 to 30 seconds.
You can also earn in Clixten by watching videos and completing offers. You can complete the Super Rewards, Matomy, Minute Staff and PTC wall offers by which you can earn points.

Advertisement Section Start

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How to earn more money in Clixten:

Referrals is a great wat to earn more in Clixten. The more members you refer, More will you earn. You will get 20% of click value and up to $1 commissions for free members when their referrals upgrade. To earn from your referrals, you need to  view at least 4 advertisements daily.

There are two types of referrals in Clixten. One is direct Referrals and second are Rented referrals. Direct referrals are the referrals which you refer. As a free member, you can only have 100 direct referrals. If you want to refer more then you need to upgrade your account. You can earn good money if you have 100 active referrals.

Rented referrals is another way to earn money in Clixten. As a free member, you will not earn well from rented referrals. To make some profit, you need to upgrade your account and then rent 2000 referrals. But rented referrals is not a good idea to earn money.Most times referrals become inactive, direct referrals is a good way to earn money in Clixten.

To know how to make direct referrals,  Visit No.1 Online work which will show you how to get referrals for any PTC or any online work.

 What is Traffic exchange in Clixten:

In traffic exchange you need to surf websites and in exchange you will get advertising credits. With these credits, you can advertise any website in which you want to get traffic. You can also earn money in traffic exchange from $0.001 to $1 as a bonous.  You will found  random prizes from advertising credits and up to $1 cash prizes.

Upsides of Clixten:

Clixten is paying on time since 2012.
Clixten is free to join.

Downsides of Clixten:

Directed referrals are limited in Clixten as free members. You can only have 100 directs referrals in Clixten. To increase the limit, you need to upgrade your account. But you can make a good amount of income with 100 active direct referrals. If you do not know how to make direct referrals Click here

In Clixten, There are PTSU (paid to sign up) offers. Most times you will not get paid for this. So it is better to do any other work than PTSU to save your time and if you want to do it Is up to you.

 Clixten is a legit PTC site. Any doubt about Clixten, Please feel free to ask us by dropping comments below.