What is CoinaPhoto App? Is CoinaPhoto Scam?

If you are looking to get the information and detail review of CoinaPhoto App, then you are reading the right article. In this Coina Photo review, we will solve your curiosity regarding the CoinaPhoto App. We will try to answer some questions that are generally asked by our readers like, is CoinaPhoto Scam? Or is CoinaPhoto Legit? Or is CoinaPhoto Fake? Or is CoinaPhoto Real? CoinaPhoto is basically an App that allows you to share your pics and sell them. It is not a scam. Therefore, you can earn money on this platform by selling your photos. If you are not interested to read the full review, we can cut out sorry for you. CoinaPhoto is not a scam. It is a social network where the users have the ability to sell or buy photographs using digital tokens. Coinaphoto .com is a promising website and got itself a place in our Promising Section. Since the earning from this website is not much but still, the quality work is awarded on this platform. Therefore, we placed it is in our ‘Promising Section‘.

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What is CoinaPhoto App Is CoinaPhoto Scam or Legit Is CoinaPhoto Real or Fake CoinaPhoto Review, CoinaPhoto

How does CoinaPhoto work?

CoinaPhoto is a website and also offer an app name ‘CoinaPhoto App’. Anyone can download this App directly from the CoinaPhoto official Website or from the Apple store and Google Play. It is available for both Android as well as iOS Operating System. In the App, you can sign up as a photographer or a buyer.

This App was launched in 2014 by Eton Digital. The CoinaPhoto brings a new and fresh approach to the usual photo-banks websites or Apps. It is basically an App which allows people to socialize, chat and a market of Photos. The market in which, one can buy or sell the photos. In the CoinaPhoto, they have a contest name ‘Photo Duels’. It present free token to its winners.

The legitimacy of any site or company is proved by the authentic information they provide to its members. The transparency in the working of a company proves the legitimacy of that company. We found the SHAHAB FARAZ MIRZA as the founder of the CoinaPhoto. The same name we found in the WHOIS records. It means the information provided by the company is authentic. Therefore, it increases the credibility of the company.

CoinaPhoto website is working as the social network. It is not just a simple platform to share digital photographs. But it allows a single medium for both amateurs and professionals photographers. Photographers are rewarded for their artistic work.

Steps to start work in Coinaphoto

  1. You have to register yourself via Facebook, twitter, Google plus, Instagram or email to become a member of Coinaphoto. This step confirms that you are a real person and not a fake person. When a company confirms the person it means they are concerned about their company. They want right people to work because they take their work very seriously. This proves their authenticity and sincerity towards their work. The company allows you to sign us as a buyer or a photographer via your email or social media account.
  2. The whole idea of the CoinPhoto is based on images.  You can upload Images on this website. It provides a market for both buyer and seller of Photos. You set the price for your photographs in the marketplace. So, you set the price in a digital token, which corresponds to the USD. For example, 5 digital coin tokens correspond to $1. The CoinaPhoto App itself based on the uploaded photo size makes some recommendation to you regarding the price. You can accept or reject it or you can also reduce it.
  3. The website is not only about the selling the pics but it allows you to follow your fellow photographers and do other stuff of social media things. The best part is that you can earn free tokens which are offered by the CoinaPhoto team for doing some work like following photographers, upload market photos and more. You can sell the photos for the relevant tokens also. You can gift the token to anybody in the App according to your wish. It simply means you can trade in this app with the tokens. Your earned tokens can be easily redeemed in $USD
  4. We have already talked about the contest known as Photo Duels. You can win a prize usually a €100 Amazon Voucher for photography accessories. The different contests have a different theme on which member click the pic and win prizes on the CoinaPhoto.
  5. When you have a wallet balance of more than 50 token, then only you can request for the payment. It is work similar like a minimum cashout limit. The 50 tokens can be redeemed for $10. The money will wire you via PayPal. You have to submit your PayPal account details to the company to proceed and receive your money.


CoinaPhoto is a promising website as well as App. We found that the work is fun but the same time not as easy as it seems. It is because it consumes your much time. The earning is fine here but not the enough to earn a full-time income. The competition is high and you have to be the best to earn money on this platform. It is because only the quality of work is matter in such website. No one will be going to buy a pic which does not have any artwork, emotion or thinking behind it. If you are a photographer with a passion to follow this field then this is a good website for you to earn money. It helps you to explore pics of other professionals. It may help you to ameliorate your skills of photography.

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If you have any doubt about the CoinaPhoto, which we did not discuss and you think is essential then please shares it with us. You can put your query in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out. 

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