What is Coinbaseservice.com? Is it Scam?

What is Coinbaseservice.com? Is it Scam?

If you are keen to know more about the Coinbaseservice.com then you are reading the right page to get the answers of all your queries. Online investment is not new but online investment in bitcoin currency is the new market. Many people took the advantage of increasing value of bitcoin. There are many sites operating online in the investment of crypto currencies and working as a scam site. Some general question may arise in your mind, is Coinbaseservice Legit? Or Is Coinbaseserice Scam? Or Is Coinbaseserivce Real? Or Is Coinbaseservice Fake? We have done a coinbaseservice review in this article. If you want the answers without looking into the reasons provided by us, then we do not recommend this site.

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How Coinbaseservice works? why we don’t recommend it?

This company has provided some contradicting fact on their site. Firstly, on their home page they are stating themselves as a limited company. But in the FAQs section they are boldly describing them as a HYIP company. HYIP (High Yielding Investment Programme) is type of ponzi scheme in which returns are very high. Since, returns are colossal such kind of business had never sustained for long. In Ponzi schemes company pay to its existing users with the money invested by the new users. This kind of business model had turned into scam mostly in the recent past.

Company is registered in the UK Companies Registration with company name-Coin Base UK Service Limited and with company number-11034513. Getting registration from the UK Companies Registration is not big deal any one can register xyz company by paying 20GBP. So their credibility as a registered company is not good.

They have provided the name of owner and experts of their company online. But they have just stated about them on their site. When somebody try to get more information about the owner of the company he fails because they had made their information private that is far from the public view. When you search about the Tony Lynch the owner of coinbaseservice, you will find that there is no information available of him. This makes their claims false and void. It is not wise to put your money into the hand of those people who are contradicting on their every claim.

Investment plans are work as a honey to trap the people into their false claims. They have provided very high returns i.e. 12% to 25% of interest daily for some days with different investments. Such high interest is not feasible for any business entity. It simply means that company pay as they are claiming then it is soon going to collapse. It will not going to pay as they are claiming and run away with people hard earned money.

They have 2 level affiliate programs. They are paying 5%and 2% commission on every level of referral. This makes their programme more unsustainable because they will not be able to generate revenue if they pay what they are saying. No one can provide money to someone else if they are not earning for themselves.


We do not recommend the Coinbaseservice because of much contradiction provided by them on their site. To make yourself safe from such ponzi schemes, the best advice one can give you is that avoid it. High profitable claims are just to catch the attention of readers. They are not going to pay as much as they are saying due to non feasibility. Earn money easily not possible but to earn money is possible.

There are many sites working online to help people to generate income for themselves and earn money online. Wealthy Affiliate Company has gain a reputation in this field and helped many people to earn money through its various online training programs. Wealthy Affiliate Company is the genuine site in which one can trust with their money. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company you can visit the page by clicking on the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any more doubts about Coinbaseservice then you can put that query in the comment box. We will the pleased to help you.