What is Coincontract.biz? Is CoinContract Scam?

What is Coincontract.biz? Is CoinContract Scam?

Are you looking over the internet to get the information regarding Coincontract.biz? If it is true then you are reading the right article. In this Coincontract review, we will solve all your queries and also solve some general questions. The questions like, is Coincontract Scam? Or is Coincontract Legit? Or is Coincontract Fake? Or is Coincontract Real? All these questions are imperative and you should ask the company also about it, before investing your hard-earned money. There are numerous websites working on the internet that are providing a platform to invest your money in their company. The Coincontract is the one company among such other companies. If you are not interested to read the full article and trying to get the brief of the company review, then we can provide you the summary. Coincontract is not a good site and we do “Not Recommend” you to do any kind of business with them. The company is working on the Ponzi Scheme. It is the scheme which is ban in almost every nation of the earth and works unethically. Under this scheme, the company pays its old and existing members the interest from the money invested by the new members. Therefore, the company does not any revenue generating plan other than receiving the investment or deposit. The company soon going to accumulate huge debt over them and then they will run away with people money.

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What is Coincontract.biz Is Coincontract Scam or Legit Is Coincontract Real or Fake Coincontract Review, Coincontract

How does Coincontract work?

As we have already mentioned in the above paragraphs that there are many websites that are offering a platform to invest your money and see it growing every day. The Coincontract site also offering the same things but the difference is of name and the interest they are paying. The Investment Company soul is their investment plan. The Coincontract investment plans are very lucrative, profitable and unreal at the same time. Yes, the interest rate company is offering is unrealistic and impossible to deliver. The company investment plans interest rate ranges from 10% to 15% daily interest rate forever. There are many big banks are working in the world ex. World Banka and other central banks of the world. Their threshold limit of interest is around 6-10% annually. Japan central bank has negative interest rates i.e. they charge interest on the deposit of their people investment. In the absence of any real idea to generate money, the company is going to pay initially from the deposit of their members. After sometime when they have a good amount of money accumulated then they will run away with people money. It means the company business model is not sustainable.

The company official website does contain the name of its owner. It is very strange because genuine websites or company always show their owner information with pride to its customers or members. The Coincontract website does not have any name or details of their company professionals. It means the company is hiding its information. They are not showing any transparency in their working. This shows that company is not genuine. The investment companies and all the companies dealing with money genuinely always provide a quantum of transparency in their working. Therefore, it is very hard to believe that this company is genuine.

The company also has an affiliate program. This program is generally used for making referrals and helps a website to have more traffic on its site. The company pays commission to its members for making referrals. This website is offering 2 levels of an affiliate program. The commissions the company is paying are 5% and 1% on each level respectively. The commission is paying by the company without selling any real product or services. It means the company is going to pay the commission also from the investment. This makes the company working more non-reliable.

The company to prove its legitimacy has shown a registration certificate. The registration certificate is from the UK Companies House. The company is registered under the company name: COINCONTRACT LIMITED and the company no: 10965315. The only problem with the certificate is that it is very easy to get, you have to pay the only 20GBP. Due to easy availability of the certificate, many companies listed in our Not Recommended sections are also having this certificate with them. It shows that the company proof of being a registered site is not solid to proves its legitimacy.


We do Not Recommend the Coincontract site due to many discrepancies found by us. All of them are stated above. To invest your money in this site or not is your decision. We do not have any say in that we are only concern about people. The people should not due to lack of knowledge and awareness do not lose their money. The bad sites take the advantage of people ignorance.

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If you have any doubt regarding Coincontract site please share it with us. You can mention it in our comment section below. We will be happy to help you.