What is Coinhitpay.com? Is Coinhitpay Scam?

What is Coinhitpay.com? Is Coinhitpay Scam?

Are you seeking the information about Coinhitpay.com? You have arrived at the right page. In this Coinhitpay review, we will provide some insight to you. Many of our readers asked us to answer some general questions like, is Coinhitpay scam? Or is Coinhitpay legit? Or is Coinhitpay real? Or is Coinhitpay fake? A desire of earning money is good. The problem arises when people try to earn money easily. Many websites will provide you the platform also. They are not the genuine website. Coinhitpay is like them. If you are not interested to read the full article, then we can lower your labor. Coinhitpay is a scam website. They are not genuine. Their claims are bogus and business model is unsustainable. It is not an extraordinary website. But it is an ordinary website. There are many websites present on the internet that have a similar working like Coinhitpay. For instance, SalarydailySalarydone, Megadollars, Partsalary, Jobrevo, Dutytrend, Dutytimes, Dutyspace, Dutypool, Dutyset, Mypaystuff, Usdtimes, Dollartell, Dollarsplug, Dollartent  and others have similar working and theme like Coinhitpay. The fun fact is that stated websites are listed on our “Avoid Scam” list. It means all similar websites are the scam. Scammers operating other websites are also the one that is operating Coinhitpay. One fact we came to know is that earlier scam website Fixpaybtc link direct you directly to the Coinhitpay website. It means if you type the fixpaybtc.com in your browser then you will reach the Coinhitpay website. It shows that Coinhitpay is a 100% scam website.

Many legitimate websites are working on the internet to help you to earn money. Some of the legitimate websites also got a place in our legitimate website’s list. To know more about the websites, please click the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities


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What is Coinhitpay.com Is Coinhitpay Scam or Legit Is Coinhitpay Real or Fake Coinhitpay Review, Coinhitpay

How does Coinhitpay work?

As aforementioned, Coinhitpay is not a unique website. It has offers and themes that are very common among scam website. Yes, you read it right. If you visit any of the other websites mentioned above then you will clearly understand the pre-mentioned line.

The Coinhitpay is offering very lucrative offers to its members. They are very generous people. It is because they are offering $5 per referral link visit/opening. The referrals are used by companies to increase their website traffic. The commissions provided by the genuine websites are very low and that is also on a percentage basis. It is very difficult to earn $1 initially via referrals in genuine websites. This low rate gave them reliability and sustainability. But paying directly in dollars for just a referral visit is absurd. But most of the people were not able to observe the absurdness. It is because they have been blinded by the high commission of the company. The company credits member account immediately. Everything works fine until you ask for cash out.

To cash out the money you have to surpass the minimum payout limit i.e. $300 in case of Coinhitpay. When you request for the payment, company replies that your request is in progress and it will take some time. They take much time than some. After few days member complains about the non-payment. The company replies that to receive the payment soon, a member has to either pay for up-gradation or complete some paid surveys for them. It simply means that instead of earning money you are losing your own money.

The company owner information is not available on the website. You must be wondering why we want owner information? The money is involved on this website, information about the owner provide authentication. Since the company did not show any kind of transparency. It means that they are hiding from people. They also guarded their information in WHOIS record. This is the most common feature among the scam websites.


Coinhitpay is a scam website. They are creating us. It is futile to invest your time in this website. Worthy things never come easily.. So do not run behind the easy path better end with regret only. Be wise with your decision. Do not rush to win a blind race. We advise you to avoid this website and all similar website. Aware people in your social circle about such websites.


If you have any doubt regarding Coinhitpay, please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.