What is Coinsrobot.com? Is Coinsrobot Scam?

What is Coinsrobot.com? Is Coinsrobot Scam?

Do you looking for the information about Coinsrobot.com? You are reading the right article. In this Coinsrobot review, we are going to answer some commonly asked questions like, is Coinsrobot Scam? Or is Coinsrobot Legit? Or is Coinsrobot Real? Or is Coinsrobot Fake? Questions are not tricky but to declare a website directly a scam is not easy. Bitcoin investment is new and emerging day by day. There are many companies operating on the internet that are helping people to invest their e-currency with them. Bitcoin price is very volatile in nature and investment market is in itself of a volatile nature. There are some faults we found in the working of Coinsrobot. If you are not concerned about the reasons and arguments and need our assistance at this moment, then ‘we do Not Recommend Coinsrobot website’ for any kind of investment. They are working on the ponzi scheme phenomenon. In this scheme, company pays to its existing members from the money invested by the new members. It is illegal in every sense.

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What is Coinsrobot.com Is Coinsrobot Scam or Legit Is Coinsrobot Real or Fake Coinsrobot Review Coinsrobot

How does Coinsrobot works?

Coinsrobot has 3 plans on their website. The plans are profitable and lucrative at the same time. The first plan also know as standard plan offers 3% per day interest on minimum deposit of $100 and maximum deposit of $400. The second plan which is known as Basic plan is offers 3.5% interest daily on the minimum and maximum deposit of $500 and $1000 respectively. The third and the final plan which is known as gold plan offers 4% interest per day, on the maximum investment of $3000. Is it viable for any investment company to pay such a great interest? There are many banks working all around the world that pay 5-6% interest on the deposit made by people annually. In Japan, there is negative interest rate where banks charge interest on deposit made by their citizens. We found out it is not viable for any company to pay such a big amount. If they are paying then in coming time they will soon going to collapse. In other words, when company accumulates sufficient money from the public they will run away. It is not safe to invest in this website. We know that people will comment that invest is always risk but investing in this website is foolishness.

The company does not provide any information about their owner. The information is vital because it provides transparency and increase trust on the company. They are lacking in this front. They also guarded their identity on the WHOIS records which means they are hiding their identity from the public purposely. Generally, scammers indulge in previous scam website hide themselves. We are not saying this website is a scam but their working is not genuine.

The affiliate programs are used to increase website traffic which help website a lot. Many genuine website use this strategy. The Coinsrobot website has just mentioned it on their FAQs but does not provide any detail of it. They did not even mention about their commission rate. It means by mistake they forget to write about their affiliate program. Or they are not real person which really want to work as an Investment Company.


We do Not Recommend Coinsrobot website due to various reasons, already stated in upper paragraphs. What we trying to say via this article is that, there are chances that such website pay you initially. There are equal chances that such company will run away with your money after sometimes. You can have your say in this matter. Instead of investing is this website, there are other websites available that help you to earn good money. It is your call whether you want to invest in this company or not. We did our part to aware you and we also recommend that share this information around your social circle to aware other people.

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If you have any doubt about Coinsrobot please share it with us. We will be glad to help you out.