What is Coine.zone? Is Coine Zone Scam or Legit?

What is Coine.zone? Is Coine Zone Scam or Legit?

If you are eager to know how Coine.zone works, then you have visited the right page. There are many sites working on the internet like Coine.zone. People raise some genuine questions like, Is Coine.zone Scam or Legit? Or Is Coine.zone Real or Fake? These are right question put by readers due to various ponzi schemes also working on the same business model as Coine.zone does. To know more about the detail of coine.zone then read our Coine.zone review. The Ponzi scheme basic phenomenon is very simple that is, they give money to their registered member from the investment done by newly registered members. If you are in hurry to know the conclusion without reading the article then we do not recommend Coine.zone.

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How does Coine.zone works and reasons behind non recommendation?

Coine.zone works basically on Cryptocurrency like Bitcoins. They use public money and invest in this new market. Due to high returns in Bitcoins many scam sites are also working to cheat people and earn their money.

When the person invests its hard earn money on any investment plan. They need to know to whom he/she is paying. Credibility comes when there is some amount of transparency available. But this site did not provide the information of owner.  They have mentioned on their site that they have professional management team but information of not even a single professional is available on their site. It means whatever they have written is just to show people or to make their site more authentic, so that no one question them.

When money is involved we need assurance of the company is legitimate or not. Coine.zone has also provided the certificate affiliated or their company registered from the UK with company name: Coine Ltd and Company number: 10969263. But this is the easiest way many scam site have registered their company. You can also register any company by just paying 20GBP and become the director or owner of a xyz company. The Coine.zone site not even properly created because on homepage they have provided their company no: 11004560 which contradict with the company number provided by them in their FAQs. This means that there is something foul smell present which lower their credibility as an investment company.

The investment proposal they are providing is very unsustainable. They are giving 12% interest daily on the investment for 12 days and also investor can get 157% interest after 12 days. The interest rate they are providing are work only in dreams. In reality nobody can provide such a huge amount of interest. They deal in Bitcoins only and also not have any maximum limit which is the most drastic point against any investment company. If they give the money they have promised then company will soon going to collapse because no business can sustain to give 12% of interest daily.

Affiliate programs are the best way to generate traffic and make use of people resources to earn money. This way both user and company earn money. But various scam sites gave high commission to people and use their time and resources to generate money for themselves. Coine.zone provides 10% commission for their representative and default get 5% of referral bonus. This high commission is just a honey provided by companies to catch the fly.


The best way to be safe from such sites is to avoid them. We do not recommend Coine.zone due to various reasons provided above. Earning money easily is the easiest way to lose your own money to scam sites. Scam sites use the human greed to make money from them. Do not fall in their profitable claims.

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If you want to ask any Question about Coine.Zone then please leave a comment in our comment Box. We are happy to help you