What is Colorstreet.com? Is Color Street Scam?

If you are looking to know about the Colorstreet.com then you are reading the perfect page to get the details and insight of the same. In this Color street review, we are going to discus some questions different from other reviews site like, Is Color Street Scam? Is Color street Legit? Or is Colorstreet Fake? Or is Color Street Real? What is Color Street? There are some other areas we are going to touch with our articles like Color Street catalog, Color Street Nails, Color Street Stylist, Color Street Nail bar, Color Street Nail Polish Strips, and Color Street Direct Sales.
Online shopping is not a new thing but selling one product with different variety is very rare. The Color Street site is the company which is working on selling their product fake nails with myriad variety. The products of Color Street are very good and we do not find complaints against them. Their fake nails come in a set of 16 pieces and they can stay on the nails for two weeks. There are some reviews also present that talk about the quality of the product. Our article is somehow different from other reviews. It is because we are going to talk more about their MLM program and ways of earning money instead of their product.

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If you are not interested to read the full article and just want to know is Color Street Scam or not then we can provide you the brief of this article. Color Street is very genuine site and they are not a scam. Actually, their work or function is pretty much legit. Many people get confused between the MLM and Pyramid schemes. MLM which is known as the Multi-level-marketing scheme is legal scheme all over the world. But Pyramid scheme is an illegal scheme. The Colorstreet is working under the MLM scheme. The focus of Color Street is on selling their product and not making the new members. It is good because the companies who focus on making the new affiliate instead of selling the product are actually working as a pyramid scheme which is an illegal scheme. In the Pyramid scheme, the company does not sell any product or services they pay commission to the existing members from the money invested by the new members. This way they accumulate huge debt over them and after few days they shut their company down and will going to run away with people money. To know about the difference between the MLM and Pyramid scheme then you can visit our page by clicking the given link to get more information about them: https://onlineincomeresources.com/what-is-multi-level-marketing-mlm-about-is-mlm-a-scam

Color Street got a place in our “Promising Section” instead of “Trusted and Legit” Work section”. We believe that it is pretty much clear that Colorstreet is not a scam company. But the earning from the Colorstreet is not much. What we are trying to say is that you can earn money while working for Color Street as their stylist but your earning will not be much. It means you will not earn enough as compare to the efforts you place on this company. The reasons are written below in details you can check that.

We have a policy in which we the company who is totally legit; in which a person can earn as per his/her effort and also in which risk of losing money is very low got the place in our “Trusted and Legit Work”. Unfortunately, the Colorstreet is not going with our policy it does not mean that it is not a genuine company. It is still a good company who pay to its members. They have provided information about their president which shows that they want to build trust among people and also want to reveal their identity purposely to their members.

What Colorstreet.com Is Color Street Scam or Legit Is Colorstreet Real or Fake Colorstreet Review, Color Street

website: www.colorstreet.com

What is Color Street? Background of Color Street

According to the Color Street, their inspiration comes from the vivid color and energy of the New York city- the city that Never Sleeps. Basically, the Colorstreet is a beauty brand with different opportunity present on their site. The founder and the President of the Color Street is Fa Park. Sharing the information by a company with its members is a very good sign. It increases the public trust upon the company, which further helps to increase the credibility of the company. We also found that the company is not finding their information in WHOIS records. They are pretty much good and legit site. The Color Street main office is in the USA. They have provided the company address and their customer service number on their site. It means you can contact them at any time to solve your grievances.

The products of Color Street are of good quality and they are doing great work in their field. Their products are internationally patent it means you will get unique art designs on this site. In this company, you have to become an Independent Stylist to start earning from their site. If you are wondering who can join it or who can become the stylist? Then the answer is very simple, anyone can become a stylist. To become a stylist does not require special skills or any kind of prior experience or training.  Their product is very easy to demonstrate. To become an Independent Stylist you have to buy their Basic Starter Kit whose worth is $129 ($250 + value). This kit includes certain products like 10 full sets of nail strips; 1French, 2 solid, 2 glitter, 5 design; 72 Testers; 40 remover pads; 100 per pads; 2 Large Nail Files; 2 Nail Buffers; 60 Mini Files; 50 Cuticle Sticks; Tote bag and Catalogs, Road to Success, Other Training Tools & Order Form.

How to Earn Money on Color Street? Ways of earning money on Color Street

There are 12 different ways present for the Independent Stylist to earn money on the Colorstreet. 12 ways are subcategories under the three categories. The three categories are the Marketing Phase, the Leadership Phase, and the Executive Phase.

The marketing phase

  1. The first way is Jump Start Incentives: the Jump Start Program is designed to reward the stylist to build their business correct from the beginning. The stylists have the opportunity to earn products in a supplement of the kit. They can use it or sell it. They can have plus sales aids and even can earn cash for working in this program.
  2. Base retail sale commission of 25%: you will get a direct commission on the sale of Colorstreet product. Their product is around $15 it means your earning after the sale of one product will be $3.75. The commission rate is good and which can help you to earn money on this site. It is paid weekly.
  3. Enhanced retail commission: There are different bonus percentages provided by the Colorstreet on the stylist personal volume. The rates are different for different money. The additional rates or bonus rates range from 3% to 10%.
  4. Preferred client: the client made by you can become a Preferred Client (after 1st order) for free. It can be done by placing a monthly PC order. 10% discount is given by the company to the PC. The benefit you will receive is of 15%, moreover, your PC order will be added to your Personal Volume to increase your Enhance retail commission.

The Leadership Phase

  1. Enroller Matching Jump Start Bonuses: you have to make 100% Match on the product packs, sales aids, and cash for training the New Stylists in which you are enrolled.
  2. Enroll Bonuses (must be active)
  3. Leadership level bonus

Leadership depth bonus

  1. The Executive Phase
  2. Team Bonus
  3. Generational Bonus
  4. Car/lifestyle bonus
  5. National Leadership Bonus pool

The details of the above plans are available in PDF format on the official site of Colorstreet.com.

How to make money on Color Street?

The company basically allows people to earn commission by selling their product. They can also earn more money by making new referrals or affiliates downline. The company is working in MLM scheme. They are allowing their stylist to sell their product and also make people the member of their company or the new stylist of the Colorstreet. This is the working of MLM Company. The MLM is a multi-level marketing scheme in which company focuses on selling as many as their product and in reward they pay commission to the promoters like us. So you can earn money by selling their product and following the steps that are provided in the previous paragraph that will help you to enhance your income.

Drawbacks of the Color Street

  1. The commission rate is good but the selling of $13 item will not give provide you the good money. You can earn greatly if you sell 100s of their product. It is not an easy task. Such difficulty makes people leave the work and they lose their $129 which they have invested in buying the starter kit. It means you will not be able to earn as much as you are investing on this site. There are many other legit as well as trusted sites available on the internet that helps people to earn money online as per their effort. If you are interested to know about such sites then you can simply click on the given link which will lead you to our list of “Trusted and Legit” Work: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities
  2. For the people who do not know how the “MLM” or online marketing works earning money on this site is difficult as compared to the people who know about the internet marketing. It is because newbies try to sell their product to their family and relatives. Soon the saturation point comes and they fail to make any progress which destroys their enthusiasm. After some days they stop working and not earn much on this site and also lose their deposited money.
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Colorstreet is placed in our promising section because one can earn on this site. The site is legit as well as original. It is not a scam site. If you are willing to work on this site then you can. We found no major complaints against the site, which creates a suspicious about the company.

If you want to know about our no.1 recommended site which help people to build their online business then we offer you the Wealthy Affiliate Company. This company has many training programs and services to offer that help people to have sustainable income as well as a full-time income.  To know the details of the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit 

If you have any question related Colorstreet then please drop a comment in our comment box. We will happy to help you.


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