Want to act as Freelance Writer? Constant Content Review

Want to act as Freelance Writer? Constant Content Review

Your research has found its way and you have probably landed on the right place. Firstly we appreciate all our readers for taking a step forward towards the welfare of the society. Hence it is quite courageous work to initiate a head towards the safety of own emotions and sentiments.

In the era of globalization different ways of earning money online are invented in a daily basis. One of the sources of earning money is by operating as a freelance writer.

As per the research there are many sites which offer freelance writer a position. As such one of them is Constant Content. In this article we will discuss about Constant Content and will reveal all prospects which are necessary to prove the legitimacy of the site Constant Content.

Want to act as Freelance Writer? Constant Content Review

What is Constant Content?

The website Constant Content can be opened by browsing www.constantcontent.com on an easy note. The company brag that they have provided disposition to 100,000 writers and even had collaborated with more than 50000 top business brands like SEARS, UBER, eBay, etc.

The Constant Content was founded by a Canadian Company named RevenueWire Inc in 2006. As for now the company Constant Content turns out to be the huge marketplace for content writing over the Internet.

Constant Content is the perfect place for both the writers and businesses. They get an amazing opportunity to interact and fall in each other way. The businesses can get their blogging or contents done by the freelance writers via Constant Content.

The company does not restrict their members to work only on those topics which are mentioned but they can also serve the interest of public and private appeal.

The company claims that the expert writers have accumulated $90k in an annual basis. Therefore people are not under any pressure which obstructs their earnings.

Since the competition in the world of writing is quite tough hence if you are new to this field then your expectations should be limited.

How does Constant Content works?

Firstly you need to browse the website which I mentioned above. After that you will have to fill up an application which includes three major stages:

  • Filling the form: You will be required to fill a form where some details are to be filled including name, country, and email address.
  • Taking Quiz: In order to finish the registration process you have to take a language test where on a mandatory note you must receive 4 out of 5.

It can be considered simple and quick for those who have mastered English on a developed level.

  • Providing a Specimen: At last you are supposed to submit a sample article consisting of not more than 250 words.

It is advisable to read the instruction and demand of the sample you have to write. For instance the company will give topics selected before on which you will have to write the content using accurate sentence, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

After completing the sample it will be observed by the editors of the Company and they will examine plagiary. Therefore you should be very much careful while writing the content as the editors are quite particular about writings.

In case your model article meets the hope of the editors then they will hire you as a freelance writer otherwise they will not certify you.

The catch represented here is that the Company response with selection or rejection they will not provide any explanation or reaction towards your sample. Once you get disqualified the company will not provide you another chance for correcting your mistakes.

We advise the readers that after they get permission inside Constant Content the first things they should to do is to complete your profile by uploading your photograph and finish your bio.

Remember that your bio should include words varying from 50-120. The words consistency should be such which includes your talents, plus points, qualifications, intelligence, and experience. You can also upload your certificates to prove your intellect if you have any.

Selling Articles:

The company Constant Content provides you three different ways from which you can sell your written contents:

  • Content Catalog:

This section consists full of pre-written articles where clients can chose one of them in order to purchase it.

Definitely you can boast your articles on the catalog section but initially your article must be reviewed by the editorial team. Hence if the article gets favor within 5 working days then your article will be published on the catalog. Even after rejection you can make appropriate corrections and submit it again.

For fetching more money it is preferable to choose considerate topic which is in more demand and what money it brings in. Such a hope will be quite effective.

You can also search Catalog Sales tab and discover the last topics which were sold fast. Such a trick will provide reference to the most eventual selling topics or subjects.

  • Public Request:

There is wide lot of people who make a public request for getting traditional article written.

Public appeals are basically for those who any no clue about writers and a way to get an access to them. Hence this platform is available for all the people out there.

This section allows the writers to resubmit their articles once they get rejected. But we advise all the users to make a great impression with your first article as the competition tends to grow with time. Hence you can start taking the public requests only after your initial article gets preference on the catalog.

Preferably there are three kinds of public appeal:

  1. Call for articles: The writers are supposed to render their contents and thereafter the client will chose a champion from them. In case you article does not get selected to be the winner then the respected content will be added after three consecutive days on the catalog.
  2. Standing Request: Such an appeal is requested by the company Constant Content when they are in the need of more articles for the catalog.
  3. Casting Calls: This unit is similar to the call for articles but the only difference stands is that you can simply embed even without giving articles for selection.
  • Private Request:

After you make goodwill of your name the clients will start recognizing you and your work. Hence they will directly contact you if they will be impressed by your work.

Content writers who construct goodwill and reputation with clients through their work tend to prosper in their field and gets continuous assignments while working with Constant Content.

Tricks to surmount Constant Content:

  • Always try to write on those subjects which are likely to sold more and which are in great demand.
  • Trendy topics are the recipe to earn more money.
  • Try to choose a topic which has a wide lane. As elaborated topics and articles fetch more audience.
  • Discover the last 100 sold topics as this will help you to concentrate more over your writing.
  • You should also check the search tab in order to find the recent researches that the clients went through.

How much you are paid?

The company Constant Content claims that majority of the writer cost $0.10 per word but as you are the owner of your work therefore your price per word can be set by yourself. The minimum can you can demand is $7.

The catch comes here is that whatsoever price you earn the company Constant Content will charge 35% per article. Hence you are left with just 65%.

If you are confident English user and known how to write and appeal your clients then I assure that there will be no deficiency of jobs.


  • There is an independence of choosing your topics which you are most comfortable about.
  • You can set your own charges per word. Hence you can earn nearby $0.6 – $0.7 per word after giving the company their own share i.e. 35%.


  • Your articles which are added in the Catalog take months and even years to be sold. Sometimes they are not even sold.
  • Clients are the supreme judge as they have complete right to reject your contents and you are no one to claim.
  • After the sale of every article the 35%share will be solely of the company Constant Content and you will be remained with 65% only.


When you articles are sold the amount is credited your account itself. Therefore you will be paid in the first week of every month through PayPal.

In order to withdraw your money you must have at least $5 in your account before the payment month arises.


After considering all the points in detail we accept that Constant Content is an amazing place for the writers who wish to earn additional money.

As for being selected as one of the writer of Constant Content you must meet the demands of the company. Though it takes months after you selection to sell an article.

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If you have any doubts and queries then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.