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  • aneesh kumar

    Please share withdrawal process

    • Dear aneesh kumar,
      Your question is not clear, Which company withdrawal process we need not share with you? or If you are asking how to withdraw your earning from any site, then site provides different type of payment processor like Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Pytoo e.t.c. When you reach to your minimum cashout limit in any site then you can request to withdraw your earning using the payment processor.which site has provided.

      If you did not get your answer then let us know what you are exactly asking about withdrawal process.

      • aneesh kumar

        http://dollartent. com/account.php

        Please share the process

        • Dear aneesh kumar,
          If you are talking about Dollartent, Then you can not withdraw your earning from this site because it is a completely fake site. This site does not pay, We already added this site into our scam list. You can find our list of scam sites by clicking this link
          If you have any other question, Fell free to ask us.

  • Captain’s Qairul

    please share withdrawal prosess

    • Dear Captain’s Qairul
      Which company withdraw process are you talking about? Please clear you question then we could help you.

  • Raj Esh

    i have earned nearly 450$ but i am not able to withdraw those amount .can you pls help me it out…..

  • mukose

    hi i want site whioch pay using western union or email cheque

  • Guzman Ed

    I did dollarbox. And it didnt cash me out only led me to downloadin some games apps and when i did what they asked the page didnt clear to proceed can someone help me

  • shelby king

    Hello I’m trying to claim my money but wants me to download stuff my website is

  • Omar Lee

    Hello, I’ve just completed my 300$ to withdraw and at the end of withdraw it’s telling me to download 2 new game’s.. I did that also more, totally 6 downloads and haven’t received anymore info.. Just keep telling me to download 2 more apps!

    • Dear Omar Lee
      Can you tell us in which company you are unable to withdraw your money?

      • Omar Lee is the company’s name

  • Keanue Mendiola

    How can I change my withdraw type?

    • Dear Keanue Mendiola,
      You have not mention the name of company in which you want to change your withdraw type. Please tell us the company name so we could help you.

  • Nicholet


    how can i delete my taskgrip account because its still generating false income with my name but then thrs no option to delete the account

  • Alonzo DeWayne Marshall

    Income resource is internationaljob. Online a scam my link is
    If it is a scam can you add it to the scam list.

  • Asela

    I want to know witch No i put to receive the money. My Card number Or my bank Account number?

  • Cookie Curry

    How do I receive payments from usdwork.?


    Bonjour , je voudrai savoir s’ il vous plait si le site odiweb est fiable , merci ?


    Bonjour , je voudrai savoir s’ il vous plait , si le site odiweb est un bon ou mauvais site , merci ?

  • Fery Zaťko

    Hello guys,
    I want to ask you, if the trused and legit web sites from your page
    (ClixSence, NeoBux and others) are able to register in Europe and if I
    will be paid also when I live in Europe.
    Thank you for your answer and all the best!

    Fery Zatko

    Central Europe

  • Francisco Roque

    porque a cada pessoa que eu indico aumenta cada vez mais o numero de indicações?
    de inicio eram duas,indiquei a primeira pediu pra indicar 03, indiquei a segunda, pediu para indicar. meu pagamento nunca vai ser liberado dessa forma

  • Mulaba Jovia show me where i can start by the time of with drawing

  • Godfrey

    How do i withdraw?

  • zahir sayyed

    I complete my task and i get 365$ but these not withdraw how can i withdraw money

  • zahir sayyed

    It’s company name are

  • Vishal Mala

    Hello Sir I complete my task now how to withdraw my payment please mail me.