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    • Dear aneesh kumar,
      Your question is not clear, Which company withdrawal process we need not share with you? or If you are asking how to withdraw your earning from any site, then site provides different type of payment processor like Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Pytoo e.t.c. When you reach to your minimum cashout limit in any site then you can request to withdraw your earning using the payment processor.which site has provided.

      If you did not get your answer then let us know what you are exactly asking about withdrawal process.

        • Dear aneesh kumar,
          If you are talking about Dollartent, Then you can not withdraw your earning from this site because it is a completely fake site. This site does not pay, We already added this site into our scam list. You can find our list of scam sites by clicking this link
          If you have any other question, Fell free to ask us.

  1. i have earned nearly 450$ but i am not able to withdraw those amount .can you pls help me it out…..

  2. I did dollarbox. And it didnt cash me out only led me to downloadin some games apps and when i did what they asked the page didnt clear to proceed can someone help me

  3. Hello, I’ve just completed my 300$ to withdraw and at the end of withdraw it’s telling me to download 2 new game’s.. I did that also more, totally 6 downloads and haven’t received anymore info.. Just keep telling me to download 2 more apps!

  4. hello

    how can i delete my taskgrip account because its still generating false income with my name but then thrs no option to delete the account

  5. Income resource is internationaljob. Online a scam my link is
    If it is a scam can you add it to the scam list.

  6. Hi,
    I want to know witch No i put to receive the money. My Card number Or my bank Account number?

  7. Bonjour , je voudrai savoir s’ il vous plait si le site odiweb est fiable , merci ?

  8. Bonjour , je voudrai savoir s’ il vous plait , si le site odiweb est un bon ou mauvais site , merci ?

  9. Hello guys,
    I want to ask you, if the trused and legit web sites from your page
    (ClixSence, NeoBux and others) are able to register in Europe and if I
    will be paid also when I live in Europe.
    Thank you for your answer and all the best!

    Fery Zatko

    Central Europe

    • Dear Fery Zatko,
      Sorry for late reply. Earlier the sites you have mentioned were placed in our legit and trusted work section but because you will not earn as much as compare with the efforts you made on those sites. Therefore, now we have removed those sites from our “Legit and Trusted Work” section and moved them into our “Not Recommended” section.
      Now we do not recommend any PTC sites on our website anymore.

  10. porque a cada pessoa que eu indico aumenta cada vez mais o numero de indicações?
    de inicio eram duas,indiquei a primeira pediu pra indicar 03, indiquei a segunda, pediu para indicar. meu pagamento nunca vai ser liberado dessa forma

  11. I complete my task and i get 425$ but these not withdraw how can i withdraw money

  12. I have a question regarding this website called is this a scam or is it legit because I signed up for it and I don’t want to be scammed if it not real or legit so please let me know if this is a scammer and if it is how do I drop it and delete my account and if it is a scam I don’t want to be scam can someone help me with this matter and tell me what I need to do please send me a message please and thank you needing these questions answered

    • Dear Pretty Angel,
      Sorry for the late reply. We were not able to reply earlier because of some technical issues we faced in last few months. But coming to your question. Coinrizo is not longer online but it was a scam website. On regular basis many similar sites are coming on the internet. So keep distance from such sites. You cannot delete your information in these kind of sites. The best solution is to stop working on those sites.
      You can find the list of similar scam sites in our Avoid Scam list. Which you can find by clicking the link:

  13. hello my name is brendan and i just wanted to ask is the JobZipo really a fake site if so why hasnt it been taken down just asking. If its been known as a fake site then hey why cant anyone who has knowledge take it down wouldnt that make any sense or am i wrong.

  14. if anyone from the online income resources can get back to me i would really appriectate that ok thanks very much at least could someone give some answer and not have us all guessing of what is going on thanks very much

    • Dear Brendan,
      Sorry for late reply, for the last few months we were facing some technical issue in our site. Due to that reason we were not able to reply. However, we are covering the gap that we have created. Coming back to your question. We have already answer that please check the answer in your previous comment.

  15. So you tried it? Right personally??
    Im with “”
    How do i request my money?
    The site states that they payout at the end of the month on the 26 thru 30th….can you please give me some advice….thank you

  16. I have invested $200 in parts. Only my first withdrawal of $11.5 was
    successful. After that it has been 6 days and the withdrawal request of
    $71.55 and $20 are in a pending status. There is no reply, whatsoever
    from the support team. I can easily claim that it’s a scam site…. so
    people whoever may read this….. DO NOT INVEST IN BITBIOS….

  17. I came across this new HYIP platform called Stack Investments and they seem to be pretty good, it’s just one day at the time of me typing out this email and I’ve already got my first interest cut. And they’re payouts are almost instant I’m going to put some more soon.

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  18. hello guys i just opened paypal
    how can i get my 675$ money
    how can i send my money to paypal please help me

  19. I m Amit kumar vishwakarma Hello Sir I complete my task now how to withdraw my payment please mail me.

    • Dear Chester Broooks,
      Sorry to say but we do not provide paid reviews on our site. We only wrote the reviews based on our research about the sites that are working on the internet.

  20. Hello. I am the administrator of the HYIP project, in my portfolio there are several large and successful projects.
    I wanted to place a new middle-income project (
    Ready for the most beneficial cooperation.
    Really looking forward to the answer.
    Thank you !

  21. Hi sir I have employthere. online account .but unable to widrow my money please help me

  22. Hello why you are taking money from my card. How it possible without card holder permission. You are frake. Please reverse my money to my account

    • Dear Thirouvenkadam,
      We think you are confused. We are not the people to whom you gave your card information. It must be some scam site in which you have provided your card details and they are misusing the credit card information for their own benefit. We are not fake. We only recommend the sites that are genuine and legit. And also aware the people about the scam sites that cheat people differently. They also misuse the people information like the incident happened with you.

      We advise you to contact your credit card company or bank from which you have got your card and tell them about your problem. Immediately block your card so that scam site does not harm you any more. The bank officials can surely help you with this problem.

  23. Hi. I invested with Wolf invest and I am waiting for a payment of $4060. How can you help me in getting paid. My username with them is Wolfenstein. The only person I can speak to online is Dan VanDorn. But he gives robotic answers.

  24. I need help i dont remember starting any of this now twice my money hS been dected from my account .

  25. Dianne I want all of my money returned that you have taken out of my credit card immediately thankyou otherwise I will LEGALLY SUE you for everything you have Ive received nothing!!!

  26. I request for pay out after hitting above 300$ but it all feeling like a scam here cos and getting all sort of erros

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