Crave for earning extra cash? Golden Pig app Review.

If you are searching about Golden Pig app then you have landed on the right place. Every research has its way and yours has found one. First of all we congratulate you for initiating your own research.

As there are many identical application over the Google Play Store which claims to help people to earn money online. But in return they harm the sentiments of their users. Therefore it’s always better to investigate before falling in the trap of the scammers.

As you people are right here to learn more about Golden Pig app. In this article we will cover all the points in detail. Therefore will also confess that whether Golden Pig app is legit or scam?

Crave for earning extra cash? Golden Pig app Review.

What is Golden Pig app?

Golden Pig application provides various opportunities to its users which allow them to earn money online. Some of them are trial offers, watching videos, surveys, etc.

The points collected by working on Golden Pig app can be withdrawn via PayPal and even for gift cards like Google Play, Amazon, and Steam.

The application Golden Pig is processed by Adprime. The company Adprime is the equal company which runs another rewarding application namely Money Tree, Cash Time, Hungry Unicorn.

The application Golden Pig is accessible for both Android and iOS users. The application is available for the personages resided worldwide. Therefore the income potential changes from country to country.

How Golden Pig does work?

In order to work on Golden Pig firstly you need to install the application. The application can be downloaded on either Google Play Store or App Store. After you download the application you can directly access to the Golden Pig app even without signing up.

The company claims that no sign up for account is required except at the time of redemption of money. As when the users collect enough points and reach the threshold limit they are required to create an account on Golden Pig app to obtain the payment successfully.

The account can be created giving the company your details like name, date of birth, email address or Facebook id.

Therefore before using the application you must check the materialize value of per coin earned in the Golden Pig app. Then you must check the total amount that the company will offer you for your hard work. This can be done by multiplying the value of per coin in your country with the total coins earned. Hence, this will provide you a glimpse of your earning.

Working with Golden Pig app is quite simple.  As the name of the app suggests that the pig plays an important role in the application. Therefore whenever you will open the application you will first see the face of a pig which is placed on the middle of the screen.

The moment you tap on the centered pig you will reveal all the occasions which will allow you to make money online. The company offers you three separate units which will encourage you to earn coins, namely Earn coins, Offerwalls, Games, Recommended app.

  • Earn coins:

This section gets face to face to another three sub-ways to earn money.

  1. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Watching videos = This unit gives you coins for watching various publicizing videos. Therefore majority of the videos are for sole advertising purpose hence can be downloaded for afterwards usage.
  2. Rating the application = The company provides coins to their users as bonus for rating the Golden Pig app with 5 stars.
  3. Referral link = The company will furnish their members with 100 coins if your invited friend joins the Golden Pig application joins and earn coins. You will receive these 100 coins for every friend that joins through your referral link. Plus you will earn additional 500 coins for when your friend reaches the limit of 500 coins.
  • Offerwall:

The Company prospers their users with various offers through their bandstand and even via third party offerwalls. Presently Golden Pig app has collaborated with Playtime, Peanut Labs, Fyber and AdGem.

The third party company Peanut Labs not only provides offers but it also showcase various surveys to the users of Golden Pig app. For completing the offer you must mandatory fill you profile which will nearly take 5-7 minutes for you valuable time.

As if we talk about AdGem offerwall, the company usually provides gaming applications which can be downloaded and played. We advise all our readers to go through all the instructions with full attention.

Though majority of gaming application require their members to download the application and play for a while other applications will provide you a free subscription.

Some of the offers in this section provide you liberated entries for draws. But you must ready to provide your contact number or email address to get through the communication process.

This is quite a long process. The moment you will admit the offer you will be set to go. The Golden Pig app will get verification from the concerned third party in order that you have triumphantly finished the offer with ease. Such verification will easily take 20-30 days of time.

  • Playing games:

The Company provides you an amazing game named Whac-a-pig which fetches you single coin each and every moment you tap on the pig in the game before it gets vanish.

It is quite impossible to collect more than 20 coins in a single day.  The company plays a catch with their members by restricting them using the game section more than once. It means in every 24 hours the game can be played once only.

Second choice to earn money with this section is by visiting “Offers by Playtime” which allows members to earn money by installing the games and thereafter playing them.


  • The application Golden Pig is available for the people all over the world.
  • The company provides various ranges of offers to their users.
  • The threshold to be acquired is just £
  • The company provides different ways to redeem the account i.e. via PayPal or selected gift cards.


  • There are some people who have complained of their points being missed. But this may be due to their impatient glimpse and they may avoid waiting for the approval.


The company Golden Pig is absolutely legit with 0% scam in it. The company runs other legit application which automatically proves its reputation. Thus some people may get a bad experience while using Golden Pig application. Currently there is no proof of missing coins or blocked money. Until and unless the user does not go against any rule the platform is quite for use.

Hence we do suggest our readers Golden Pig application to earn extra money.

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If you have any doubts and queries then please feel free to contact us by dropping a comment in the section below.


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