Is Creations Reward a Scam? Creations Reward Review

Is Creations Reward a Scam? Creations Reward Review

Majority of the time people are observed stuck with their mobile phones surfing the internet. Many people are wasting their days over the internet. We recently came across a website which can help people to earn with doing thing they like i.e. using mobile phones.

The website is named as Creations Reward and it is an expert GPT site. As for this expertise we need to go in the depth of the site to reveal the places which can be danger for the users. As the question arises whether Creations Reward is a legit site or just a fake one to dupe innocent people. In this article we will discuss about Creations Reward and its benefits and drawbacks and the features it accomplish its users with.

What is Creations Reward?

As we have discussed earlier that Creations Reward is a get to paid site which is commonly known as GPT site. The company provides its users to pay for tasks like completing surveys, installing applications, taking offers, responding trivia, and much more. The website was developed by Christopher Basista in 2000.

In some areas company provide fewer opportunities but if we talk about UK, Australia, US, Canada these places have enough of opportunities on a daily basis.

The website is available for both desktop and mobile users. When you complete the provided task you will earn the reward in the form of points which is called CR. This CR can be either redeem for cash or gift card from the given choice.

How Creations Reward does tend to work?

To become a part of the company you don’t have to pay any joining fee. The joining is absolutely free. All you need to sign up using your email address and entre your country name and create a password. After this you will get a $5 as signing up bonus. The catch with this bonus points is that you can claim these points once you earn 5000 points within initial 60 days of your joining.

Creations Reward works the same way as other GPT sites work. Creations Reward is also funded by various investment advertising and marketing companies. Basically, Creations Reward pays you after they are benefited. In other words whenever you click on the link available and complete the respective task then the company will receive a commission. This is whole management of the GPT Company. When you will collect enough points in your account then you request to claim those points in the form of cash or gift cards.

Ways to earn points on Creations Reward:

There are various ways provided by the company to its users through which they can earn points. Some of them are explained in brief:

Completing Surveys:

Some of the available surveys are Dynata, SaySoRewards and many more. There are some problems to be dealt with survey sites. Some of the links of survey are not even clickable. For instance there are some survey links which when you click will direct you to homepage without even notifying.

Mainly these surveys fetch you 35-150 CR and hence the surveys take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Even some surveys provide you even less than $0.80 per survey you accomplish.

Install applications:

For covering the glimpse of this section you need to download the Creations Reward application. Because this section require access to your mobile phone.

Basically, you will be rewarded for trying various apps. Besides downloading the application you also need to use the installed application and fulfill the required tasks. For example they will ask you to download the application and reach the certain limit by playing the game.

Watching Videos:

The Company even provides you an option to earn CR by watching videos and ads from RadiumOne,, etc.

This unit if explored provides option for viewing Website. But as I observed mostly all the links were split. Majority of the videos in this section fetch you 1 CR. As is you talk about exploring and viewing the website then the CR goes up to 2-50.

Offer wall:

This section is basically a filled with third party offers an most of them are trial offers. Some offers on the offer wall are Revenue Universe, Acorn, Peanut Labs, etc.

Scratch games:

The Company also provides opportunities like playing scratch games, using promo codes, and even answering some of the trivia.

Purchasing from shop:

In this section also the company doesn’t lack back to help their customers to earn more. You will receive cashback on your online purchases.

Referral program:

Fortunately the company offers referral program in order to help their members to earn more. The company pays you 10% of the earnings of your referral when he or she join the company through you link.

It is been claimed that the users can earn about 1000 points on daily basis. Therefore 1000 points equals to $5. Hence, the threshold to be reach in order to withdraw you account you must have 1000 points. The company provides options of how you wish to withdraw your share. You can either opt for cash via PayPal or can go for Gift cards of certain renowned stores.

Cash payments require many weeks to be received while gift cards and rewards can be received with a time period of 8-12 weeks. As the company claims that they are working to shrink the cash payment period.


Definitely Creations Reward is a legitimate company and the payment is made eventually though it takes a bit longer. But it is been noticed that there are some payments which were ignored. This creates a sense of doubt and anxiety. Though it is real site and adds some extra cash in your pocket but if you are looking for a vibrant way to earn real money for paying some of your bills then we would definitely not suggest Creations Reward to our readers.

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