CryptoBitX Review – Is CryptoBitX Scam or Legit?

CryptoBitX Review – Is It Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for CryptoBitX Review to find out whether CryptoBitX is legit or not? Then you on right page. This review will help you to know about the truth of CryptoBitX , Background of CryptoBitX, Pros and cons of CryptoBitX and you can earn money from it or not?

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Let’s start with our review


Background of  CryptoBitX

There is no information found about who actually owns or runs the website. However,  CryptoBitX domain was registered on December 20, 2016 where Faisal Kamal is listed as the owner of  CryptoBitX.

Faisal Khan was the admin of FastBTC. FastBTC was a business in which bitcoins were gifted each other affiliate via 2×3 matrix. This tme FastBTC site is non-responsive , this seems that FastBTC has collapsed so he launched CryptoBitX

How to earn money in CryptoBitX

CryptoBitX does not have any retail product or services. In CryptoBitX, Affiliate can market their membership.CryptoBitX has 2X7 matrix in which affiliates gift bitcoin to each other. In this matrix, An affiliate is placed on the top of the matrix, and two positions are directly placed under them.

First level of nmatrix is formed by these two positions and the second level of matrix is formed by adding another position under each positions of the first row. In this way up to 7 level matrix is created. It all starts by signing up of an affiliate and giving 0.001 BTC to the affiliate who recruit them. When this is done,then affiliate qualify to receive 0.001 from two subsequently recruited CryptoBitX affiliates which are placed in the first level of matrix.

Each level works in the same way, the only difference is the given amount and number of given amount received. In level 1 you will give 0.0001 BTC to the affiliate who recruited you and receive receive 0.001 BTC from two subsequently recruited affiliates. In level 2, You will give 0.0015 BTC and receive 0.0015 BTC from 4 affiliates.

In level 3, You will give 0.004 BTC and receive 0.004 BTC from 8 affiliates.In level 4, You will give 0.02 BTC and receive 0.02 BTC from 16 affiliates.In level 5, You will give 0.2 BTC and receive 0.2 BTC from 32 affiliates.In level 6, You will give 0.0015 BTC and receive 0.0015 BTC from 64 affiliates.In level 7, You will give 1 BTC and receive 1 BTC from 128 affiliates.

The joining cost in CryptoBitX as an affilaite is 0.0015 which you give to the affiliate who recruited you. In order to take part in CryptoBitX income opportunity, the cost is 9.2265 BTC.


CryptoBitX has the same model as FastBTC So it will be also not in long run. And more than that, There is no any retail product or services only affiliate can recruit others, So we do not recommend this site. There is a high chance to lose you investment in these type of site, We only recommend the site which are less risky. Actually, We only recommend Wealthy Affiliate, Which is top online work program and online for more than 11 years. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate you can earn full time income online and also build your business online. There are many members who are succeed with Wealthy Affiliate, You can know more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link

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