What is Cryptohourly.biz? Is Cryptohourly Scam?

What is Cryptohourly.biz? Is Cryptohourly Scam?

If you are looking to get the information about Cryptohourly.biz, you are reading the right article. In this Cryptohourly review, we will answer some questions. Questions like, is Cryptohourly Scam? Or is Cryptohourly Legit? Or is Cryptohourly Real? Or is Cryptohourly Fake? Earning money through investment is good thinking. An increasing trend of cryptocurrency gave rise to a new market of Cryptocurrency Investment Market. There are various websites present on the internet that are offering different plans to people. They are allowing them to invest their static cryptocurrency with them and earn interest on a daily basis. If you are not interested in reading the full article, we can abridge it for you. We do “Not Recommend” Cryptohourly Website. It is working on the principle of Ponzi scheme as well as Hybrid Pyramid Scheme. Both of them are illegal in many countries.

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What is Cryptohourly.biz Is Cryptohourly Scam or Legit Is Cryptohourly Real or Fake Cryptohourly Review, Cryptohourly

How does Cryptohourly work?

Cryptohourly is basically an investment website. They are accepting almost every cryptocurrency. The Cryptohourly Company has 4 different ranges of investment plans. The names are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond Plans. It means the maximum interest you will earn in Diamond plan i.e. of 5500% interest after 30 days. Isn’t it looks amazing? It is amazing. No company in with their sound mind can offer 5500% interest within 30 days. The numbers provided on this website is bogus. It makes the company unsustainable. It means they are going to get collapse. Or, they will run away with people money. As aforementioned, this company is working on Ponzi Scheme. In this scheme, the company pays to its members from the money invested by the new members. Through this method, a company accumulates huge debt over it. The company will run away after some time with the people money.

The Cryptohourly site is offering an affiliate program to its members. The commissions offered by this website are 5%, 2%, 2%, and 1%. It is a 4 level affiliate programs. They are working on the hybrid pyramid scheme. It is work like an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). The company is paying commission without selling any real product. The commission provided is on the sale of its ROI plans makes it another illegal scheme. One point is clear that company working is not legal. Its working is totally based on the illegal schemes.

The company is registered under the UK Companies House. The company registered under the company name: CRYPTO LTD and the company number: 10307906. The certificate has no problem with it. There is one disturbing point about it. The UK Companies registration certificate is available with every website that is listed on our Not Recommended list. Many of the Not Recommended websites are turned into scam after a brief period of time. You can also buy the certificate by paying just 20GBP. It is very easy to get a certificate from the UK Companies. It means its proof of being a legitimate website is also not legit in itself.

The owner information is not present on the company website. The company is working as an Investment Company. Therefore, it is not possible that it can work without an owner. The claims of the company having professionals in it’s about us are bogus. It is because the company did not provide any information on their professionals. The company also guarded their information in WHOIS records. It simply means that they are hiding intentionally. They do not to reveal their information. It is the most basic feature of a scam website.


We do “Not Recommend” Cryptohourly website. This website is not good for anyone. It is futile to invest in this website, which got no future. But all above arguments are simply our opinion. You are free to invest your money where you think right. We are not judging anyone here. It is your hard money and your wisdom to invest anywhere you want. We just want you to question or ask about the legitimacy of the company so that you will not regret it later time.

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If you have any doubt regarding Cryptohourly website, please share it is in our comment section.