What is Cryptoleader.biz? Is Crypto Leader Scam?

What is Cryptoleader.biz? Is Crypto Leader Scam?

If you are searching on the internet to know about Cryptoleader.biz then you are on right page. In this Cryptoleader review, we are going to discuss all those questions which are coming on your mind related to Cryptoleader. Such as, Is Cryptoleader Scam? Or Is Cryptoleader Legit? Or Is Cryptoleader Real? Or Is Cryptoleader Fake? And what is Cryptoleader and how does it works? Now a day’s many websites are coming on the internet which is giving the very easy platform to earn money online by investing. Cryptoleader is one of them which offer various investment plans on their website to earn money online. If you do not want to waste your time in reading the whole article then, in brief, we want to tell you that Cryptoleader is not a good company and we do Not Recommend this website, this is a Ponzi scheme which is an illegal scheme. In Ponzi Scheme, old members are paid by the money invested by new investors.

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What is Cryptoleader.biz Is Cryptoleader Scam or Legit Is Cryptoleader Real or Fake Cryptoleader Review, Cryptoleader

How do Cryptoleader works?

Cryptoleader company works by providing many plans to their members as like, 10%, 11% 12% 15% daily forever for 50 days according to their investment. It is very high to pay for any new Company; they have no other sources of earning so this rate of interest is not possible to pay by Cryptoleader. In the starting Cryptoleader always gives benefits to their old member from their new investors it means it is working as a Ponzi scheme. As it is it happens for a long time and when they collect a big amount from their investor. After collecting the amount they run away. Now if we want to claim then we cannot because we have no any information about them. The business model of Cryptoleader is totally unstable.

Cryptoleader is also providing a referral commission on their website which is 5% and 1%. This referral commission is only for increasing traffic on their website, they are offering this lucrative referral commission because they want to catch new investor for their personal benefits. They have no other sources of earning money, they are not selling any real product and service on their website but still offering this high referral commission which makes their system unstable and low trusty.

Cryptoleader did not provide their owner information on their website; they have hidden their identity completely. They also not provided their information in WHOIS records. It simply means that this is not a good company and their work is not legit. If they are doing legit works then they should not hide their identity. If you want to contact the owner of this website either team members of this website then it will not easy for you. You cannot contact them because they did not provide their information anywhere.

Cryptoleader is showing that they have a registered Company with Company registration number. The company name is CRYPTO LEADER LTD and Company registration numbers are 11181330. But the registration certificate which they are showing is not hard to get, this is very easy to get a certificate from beta Companies house by only paying 20 GBP. Anyone can get this certificate and can use for their personal benefits. So this certificate is not any strong proof to trust them.


We do Not Recommend Cryptoleader, this is a Ponzi scheme and we never recommend those sites which are working on this scheme. We always recommend that website which is legit and working genuinely. So this is our advice to you that please don’t invest your money on this website and save your time. Please share this information with your friends and social media to aware other people.

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If you have any question related to Cryptoleader then please ask us in our comment box. We will happy to help you.