What is Crypto-source.org? Is Cryptosource Scam?

What is Crypto-source.org? Is Cryptosource Scam?

Are you searching the internet Crypto-source.org? Congrats your search ends at the right place. In this Crypto-source review, we will tackle some hurdles like, is Crypto-source Scam? Or is Crypto-source Legit? Or is Crypto-source Real? Or is Crypto-source Fake? On this website, a member can invest their cryptocurrency with them and earn interest over them. The company is making investment very easy. If you are not interested in reading the full article then we can short it for you. We do “Not Recommend” Crypto-source website. It is because they are working on the Ponzi and hybrid pyramid scheme. Both of them are an illegal scheme and banned in many countries. Under the Ponzi scheme, the company pays to its members from the money invested by the new members on their website. In Hybrid Pyramid Scheme, the company pays the affiliate commission without selling any real product or services. In both scenarios, a company accumulates huge debt over it and run away with people money after some time.

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What is Crypto-Source.org Is Crypto-Source Scam or Legit Is Crypto-Source Real or Fake Crypto-Source Review, Crypto-Source

How does Crypto-source work?

Crypto-source is basically working as an Investment Company. It allows members to invest almost any kind of cryptocurrency. The main component of any Investment Company is their Investment plans. The investment plan of Crypto-source is very good and highly profitable. One of their plans is offering 5% daily interest rates for 90 days. It is amazing numbers but the same time is impossible to deliver. Actually, the company just wants to dream that you are going to earn such huge money. Initially, the company pays to its members but after sometimes they stop their payments. This is how Ponzi schemes work that is explained in the first paragraph. The Crypto-source has very unsustainable investment plans. It is not wise to invest your money in the company which has no authenticity.

The company is offering an affiliate program on their website. The affiliate programs offer a strategic advancement to a company. Actually, it promotes and increases the traffic to a website. The Crypto-source offering 3 levels affiliate program which is nothing but a hybrid pyramid scheme which is illegal. The commission rates on every level are 7%, 5%, and 3% respectively. This makes Crypto-source non-reliable Investment Company.

The detail of owner is not mentioned on the website. Is it possible that a company can work without its owner? The answer is ‘no’. You also know it. And it is the same thing we are trying to explain. The company is hiding and the transparency in the working of the company is zero. You should understand that you are investing your hard earned money on this website. You should ask for a quantum of authenticity and transparency from the company. It shows that Crypto-source does not believe in sharing its information with its members and that is why they did not even mention their professional’s names on their website.

The company is registered under the company name CRYPTO SOURCE LTD and the company number: 11042010 in the UK Companies House Registration. The certificate is available on the company website. The problem with this certificate is that many other Not Recommended websites also have this certificate. It is very easy to get this certificate. Anyone can become the owner of the company by paying just 20GBP. Some companies listed on our list containing this certificate turned into scam websites. Therefore, this certificate does not proof company legitimacy.


We do Not Recommend Crypto-source website. The reasons and arguments are mentioned in the above paragraphs. The company is paying and it will pay initially but after some time they will run away with people money. It is because in this way Ponzi schemes work. To invest or not on this website is your call. We have just provided you the opinions and some imperative questions that you should ask before investing money in any company.

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If you think something is left by us about Crypto-source website, please feel free to share it with us. You can mention it in our comment section.