CryptoTab Browser Scam- Are They Selling Dream of Passive Income?

Hi friends if you are searching about the, congrats your search has brings you at the right page. In this  CryptoTab Browser review, we are going to answer some of the most asked questions like, is Get.cryptobrowser Scam? Or is Get.cryptobrowser Legit? Or is CryptoTab Browser Fake? Or is Get.cryptobrowser Real? These questions will provide you the basic understanding of the company and how they are functioning. There are many sites working online that have the same working but some sites have the same theme as well. Yes, you have read it right. If you are not interested to read the full article and want us to provide you the crux of this article then we can do that. We do Not Recommend Get.cryptobrowser site. They are offering people to earn money or bitcoin by just using their plug-in and nothing more. This is not possible in real life. We can say that with confidence because there are other sites also available online that have the same theme for example GetCryptotab. You can see other sites also which we have Not Recommended on our site.

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What is What is CryptoTabBrowser Is CryptoTabBrowser Scam or Legit Is CryptoTabBrowser Real or Fake CryptoTabBrowser Review, CryptoTabBrowser

What is Get.cryptobrowser and how it works?

‘Passive income’ is what people are talking on the internet. You must have also heard about. It is a good way to have extra income. Is passive income works? Yes, it works and many MLM Companies always try to lure you with this phenomenon. Actually, we all want to earn more, live more, do more etc. Many people are using this human nature to loot people. They develop some strategy online by which they can trap the attention and then the person into their trap. This is what Get.cryptobrowser is also doing. They are selling the dream of passive income but in bitcoins.

According to the Get.cryptobrowser, you have to add their plug-in on Google Chrome and start earning bitcoins immediately. You can also earn income by referring this system to others. Basically, it is nothing but making a new referral for a company for which they are going to pay you. Genuine companies who pay its members for referrals generally sell some product or services. They pay from their revenue and not from their own money. Get.cryptobrowser is not selling anything it means their claims of giving commission are also bogus and a hoax. Get.cryptobrowser have 10 level referral program or MLM in which the company will give you commission up to 10 recruits downline. As we have already mentioned they are not selling any product and their main focus is on making new recruits, it means they are working on Pyramid Scheme which is an illegal scheme. Almost every country has banned it. If you want to know how a pyramid scheme works then you can read our article by clicking the link:

The main earning or mining bitcoin via Get.cryptobrowser is only depends upon the “How much time you open the Google Chrome”. This is what the company told its members. But as per news and update form the Google, they are stopping and banning all the plug-ins that claim to mine bitcoin using Google browser. In reality, mining is done with a system of computers and that are also very high-tech computers. Therefore, it is not real and possible to earn bitcoins from Get.cryptobrowser. The minimum payout limit of this site is 0.001BTC which is huge amount according to the present price of Bitcoins.

The transparency build trust between people and every genuine company work to provide transparency by providing their information. The Get.cryptobrowser site does not believe in transparency. We are saying it because we are not able to find the details of the owner of this site. Genuine companies always talk about their Chairman or owner. They never hide their essential information which is imperative for building trust. The Get.cryptobrowser working is not transparent they failed to explain their working. They have guarded their information in WHOIS records. Hiding the information in records is the most common feature of the scam sites. Therefore, the company legitimacy, authenticity, and credibility are under a scanner.


We do Not Recommend the Get.cryptobrowser due to the reasons explained above. We want you to understand that earning money online is possible but it takes some time and patience. Do not rush to earn money immediately as it never happens with anybody (except lottery, for it also you have to buy a ticket). Our advice will be simple and clear, keep a distance from this site. As it is not worthy of your time and resources.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Get.cryptobrowser then please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.

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