Review: Is it time for Cupstime to go? Review: Is it time for Cupstime to go?

We shop online to make our lives a little less difficult than they already are. It is true that no one has time to downtown and shop for clothes and occasions, or even basics. So we all expect to just order them online and wait for them to show up on our doorstep because all that is certainly more convenient. Right?

Investing in clothes, make-up, electronics, bags, shoes, prom dresses, and million other things online does not seem that hard. After all, it is all just a single click of a few options here and there on the website, adding our credit card number in the end and moving forward onto the next thing. But what is complicated is and around which people cannot seem to wrap their heads around is when they have made all the payments, agreed to all the terms and conditions, but their package never shows up on their doorstep.

A similar stance to all this is how has playing millions of its subscribers, its users, customers who have paid hundreds of thousands over just a bag and a few make-up accessories, and did not even get to feel how their summer dress felt like. Read along the lines of Cupstime review which reveals the brutal truths of this website. Review Is it time for Cupstime to go

What is actually about? is an online store where one can shop for, or at least pretend to shop for swimwear, bottoms, tops, outerwear, shoes, earrings, bags and dresses because of Cupstime scam which basically robs its customers right in front of their mere screens.

Cupstime was actually founded two-three years back by an unknown creator even though the time of its creation is also unknown. But if we look at the reviews, people have been commenting over this website ever since 2017.

Although the website seems pretty cool, the entire rollout is just really chic. They offer worldwide shipping which they claim to start from only $59.99. In addition to all that, they also have their website reflecting various discounts that could lure anyone into their aura. People mistake Cupstime scam with being a real-deal because it is definitely is not.

Once you visit the website, there are several people who are analyzing your IP address, your login ID, your name and other contact information is being recorded as well. Once you select the items you want to buy and proceed to check out, they are keenly waiting for you to enter those eighteen digits on your credit card. When you are done and dusted with that, there is literally nothing you can do to save yourself from being betrayed because just played you very cleverly. They charm their customers away with the colorful website and amazing discounts when in reality it is all just a few sand granules and dust marks here and there.

Does even exist?

There is actually no Cupstime legit. There is only one thing and that is Cupstime scam. This horrendous website has been eating people’s bank accounts like they were worth nothing. Playing with people’s trust is just creating chaos for others in the market because, after their experience with, people prefer not to go for online shopping anyways.

It is expected of the readers to not get trapped into any of Cupstime scam because they make you feel like they are Cupstime legit, but there is no such thing as You can visit their website, look around and discover but never place an order their or enter your information of ANY sort because anyone who is running this scam is never refunding you whatever you are going to spend on their website!   Be aware and stay safe.