What is Currency-global.com? Is It Scam?

What is Currency-global.com? Is It Scam?

If you are searching the internet to know about Currency-global.com, congrats you have arrived at the right place. In this Currency-global review, we will answer all questions that might be troubling you. The questions like, is Currency-global Scam? Or is Currency-global Legit? Or is Currency-global Fake? Or is Currency-global Real? All stated questions are essential. We should ask it before investing in any way in any company. They assure you that you are not playing blindly. Currency-global is basically a website that allows you to invest your money on their website and earn interest over them. You have to just sit back and see your money increasing every day. If you are not interested in reading the full review, we can cut short it for you. We do “Not Recommend” Currency-global website due to its working in illegal schemes. The company is working in a Ponzi as well as a pyramid scheme.

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What is Currency-global.com Is Currency-global Scam or Legit Is Currency-global Real or Fake Currency-global Review, Currency-global

How does Currency-global work?

The legitimacy of a company can be proved with the help of registration certificate. A registered company has more credibility than unregistered. Currency-global has also provided a registration certificate on its website. The registration certificate is of UK Companies House. The currency-global is registered under the company name: CG-INVEST LTD and the company number: 05917601. The main problem with this registration certificate is that it is available to all those websites that are already declared as a not recommended by us. Many websites listed on our Not Recommended list turned into a scam website. Therefore, this certificate is not enough or good to be used as a proof of legitimacy to any company.

The company did not talk about the name of their owner. It is not possible that a company can run without an owner. The company also not mentions any name of people working on this website. We should know about the one person to whom we are going to hand over our hard-earned money. Therefore, the transparency level of this website is zero that degrades the credibility of this company.

Since the Currency-global is working as an investment company. It has very lucrative and profitable investment plans for its members. There are 4 investment plans available on this website. The topmost plans are known as VIP offering 3.5% daily interests forever. It is not possible for a legit company to claim such a high rate. It is because if these people really have any good plan to earn money profitably all the time, then they can take a personal loan from the bank. The bank interest rates will be much lower than the interest rates offered by the Currency-global. The company will not go to the bank because they are not legit people. They want to cheat people and therefore, they can fool people easily and not the bank.  Do not fall into the lucrative trap of such companies that offer lucrative offers without any proof. It is the most unsustainable business model we encountered.

In the absence of an alternate plan other than receiving investment from the members. The company will be going to pays its members from the money deposited by the new members. This is nothing but the working of Ponzi scheme. Therefore, the company is working on an illegal Ponzi scheme.

The company also has an affiliate program. The members can earn money via making referrals. There are two types of affiliate programs available on this website. First program is for the members and the second for the representatives.

Both referral programs are the 5 levels program. The member can earn 5%-3%-2%-1%-1% commission on every level respectively. The regional members can earn 15%-6%-4%-2%-2% commission on every level respectively. Since the company is not selling any real product or services. It means they are going to pay commission from the money invested by the members, which makes it another illegal scheme is known as Hybrid Pyramid Scheme. It makes the Currency-global more non-reliable.


We do Not Recommend Currency-global website. It is due to various reasons already mentioned in our article. There is nothing legitimate we found on this website. We have provided our opinion. To invest in this website or not it is your call. It is your money and be wise with your investment. We advise you to avoid this website.

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If you have any doubt regarding Currency-global website, please mention it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.