– It’s a Scam! 

Beware of which a fraudulent online store is claiming to sell LEGO and other toys which are never delivered to paying customers. This site fools you into thinking it is accredited because it has entrusted logos at the bottom, however, these logos are not connected to any links, meaning that this site is relying on fraudulent accreditation whilst hoping you will never click on the logos to check.

Using the brand LEGO’s logo without permission and for the purpose of scamming is just another example of how this company breaks the law. it is a scam

More reasons to Declare Cybermankind Scam are:

Another clue that Cybermankind is a scam is that no contact details are provided on the website. This is very unusual in this day and age but of course, it means that you can never speak to the company directly when your items do not arrive. Even the owner’s name and address do not appear on WHOIS and so the owner is most likely using a service to disguise himself to avoid being caught.

The server used for’s website also contains other suspicious links which are telling. Those who have submitted a Cybermankind review have discovered that the business appears to be based in France but there are undoubtedly other countries playing a part in this clever international scam.

Some reviews reveal that occasionally apply random charges to customers’ credit card details which they keep on file which are completely unrelated to the initial purchase. It’s clear that the theft does not just stop at the fake LEGO and toy sales.

In addition to stealing credit card information, this company is also able to steal your personal details, which you enter online at the time of purchase and it is unclear what they are doing with this private information. They could be selling it on to third parties to profit from the data theft.

If you have been scammed by Cybermankind, it’s worth alerting your bank as soon as you can as you may be able to get the transaction reversed and get your money back.

It is also worth sharing your experiences with as many websites as possible which document scams so that your testimonial is added to those of other people who have also been let down by this Cybermankind scam.

It is highly unethical and criminal that this company is using children’s toys to lure in unsuspecting parents and that purchasing from Cybermankind only leads to theft, disappointment, and vulnerability as your data is now in the hands of untrustworthy people. In addition to sharing your experiences on anti-scam websites, it is worth warning your family and friends about this Cybermankind scam and posting about it on social media so that no-one else is conned in the same way.

This is especially important now that Christmas is approaching and so toy sales will be increasing at this time of year. Hopefully, as more people complain, an investigation will be launched, leading to the site’s demise, especially as they are using well-known brands in their devious operation which creates a sense of false trust.

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