Wish to earn online money? Dabbl app Review

We congratulate you as your research has found its way. As we know every search has its destination and yours is Dabbl application. It takes a lot of courage to spare your schedule and investigate about your doubts. As you took a great initiative towards the welfare of the society, therefore we will give our best to observe all your queries and find a soothing solution for it.

In this article we will discuss about Dabbl application. It is been downloaded by more than 50k people. It becomes more significant to prove the legitimacy of the company. We will cover all the corners with details and thereafter will determine its worthiness.

Wish to earn online money? Dabbl app Review

What is Dabbl app?

Dabbl motives to target majority of the people who wish to round about their downtime with gift cards. You might be might walking your dog, waiting in queue, coffee break, watching TV, traffic, or anything but the time can be utilized.

The company Dabbl claims that you can fun while earning money. No stress No mess. All you need is to answer some trivial questions, feedback short videos, finish surveys and much more. The company believes the importance of time. Mandatory part comes where you must have a mobile phone to use the application.

Dabbl application is available for both Android and iOS users. Hence it can be downloaded either from Google Play Store or App Store.

The company Dabbl restricts the use of application if you younger than 13 years of age.

The company flourishes you with various advertisement videos but believes that every person should be compensated for time they invested.

Only the people residing in US can grab such an amazing opportunity.

How does Dabbl app works?

Firstly you will need to install the application on your mobile phone either from Google Play Store or App Store. The company restricts the usage of other countries phone number expect US. Hence you need to enter your US phone number and age. The company to entitle your age due to the reason that only people elder then 13 years of age can use the Dabbl app. For becoming the member you will have to enter the verification code which is sent to you at your mentioned phone number.

For further payment processing you need to fill the complete form with your first name, last name, email address and password.

Ways to earn money:

The company has listed few numbers of ways which help people to generate cash by using Dabbl application. Therefore the sources of earning money are mentioned below with detail:

  • Taking surveys: One of commonly favored way to fetch money is by taking surveys. As been observed that Dabbl tends to flourish it members with various surveys both from their side as well as from other partnered companies. The company Dabbl claims that all the surveys are quite fun to do.

Company has categorized surveys on the basis of payment. Hence the premium surveys tend to pay less than other available surveys.

The available survey from the company is quite easy and consists of 3-8 questions which probably fetch you in between $.01-$.05.

If you participate in surveys which are partnered with Dabbl then you will have to qualify a screening test which includes basic questions like annual income, educational status, marital status, gender, etc. Majority of the time you will be stated that you have not passed the test and the company will provide you $.01 but this scenario occurs infrequently.

  • Finishing offers: In this section firstly you can earn by downloading listed application and use them. Installing apps fetch comparatively fetch you more points. You can also watch some of the videos and answer the following questions. This will provide you nearby $.5.

The company will also provide you with a rebate coupon of $5 which can be utilized for purchasing the products offered by the company.

  • Watching videos: One of the ways of earning by Dabbl app is watching videos. Generally the videos referred to you are ads for the products which the company wants to introduce. Normally these videos last for 30 seconds. Each and every video you watch will give you 10 points.
  • Inviting Friends: Fortunately Dabbl app provide its members an opportunity to fetch more points. You can receive 25 points if you referral joins the company using your code and completes minimum one task. Every account limits only 20 referrals.


The company Dabbl has restricted the cash out of any member before accumulating $5. Currently the company is redeeming the collected points through gift cards like GameStop, CVS, AMC, Walmart, Best Buy, Ulta, Disney, Spotify, Overstock, etc. In our observation we found that in the FAQ section of the application the company has claimed that the gift cards will directly be send on their email address once you request for payout.


There are various complaints over the internet from the customers against the Dabbl application. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The application is pretty secretive with its payments. As we have observed that in other applications or websites the company states the income status beside each survey, videos, task, etc. Though this is not the case with Dabbl. The app just glimpse you about the task but the points you will collect will be discovered once you finish it.
  • The income potential is quite low. Majority of the tasks fetch you $.01 – $.05. This way you will invest your time on something unworthy.
  • As mentioned above the company exchanges your accumulated points only for gift cards. The company is not paying via PayPal which is the most reliable source of payment.


The Dabbl application is absolutely legit. Instead of its legitimacy the application is not worth using. The income potential is very much low and you will take plenty of time to reach the threshold.

In the final verdict we conclude that the Dabbl application is sheer waste of time and suggest our readers to stay away from it.

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In case you are intruding with confusion or doubts then please feel free to contact us by dropping comment in the section below.


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