What is Dashclix? Is Dashclix Scam or legit?

What is Dashclix? Is Dashclix Scam or legit?

If you are looking to get information Dashclix? You are reading the right page. In this Dashclix review, we will answer some of the questions asked by our readers. The questions like, is Dashclix Scam? Or is Dashclix Legit? Or is Dashclix Real? Or is Dashclix Fake? The working of Dashclix is different than other similar websites. But it has many common components like other website working similar to Dashclix website. The most common point is that it is a PTC website. The different point is that it is working offering Dash instead of money. If you are wondering, what is Dash? Then you are questioning the right question. It is basically a cryptocurrency, according to Dashclix website (similar to Bitcoins). If you are interested to read the full article, we can short it for you. We do “Not Recommend” Dashclix website. It is because first, its PTC site and second earning on this website are not good. We are going to discuss other major reasons later in this article.

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What is Dashclix Is Dashclix Scam or Legit Is Dashclix Real or Fake Dashclix Review, Dashclix

How does Dashclix Work?

Every genuine company provides its information to its members. It is because it helps to build a trust among member of the company. They have nothing to hide therefore, they provide their information in WHOIS records also. Transparency increases the credibility of a company. Dashclix is very far away to be declared as a genuine company. It is because the company does not have any section regarding ‘about us’. They also not mention who own this website or people working on this website. It is very hard to get to know about the owner of this website, it is because they guarded their information in WHOIS records. It simply means that the Dashclix is not a genuine website. We cannot trust on this website. Let’s discuss other points regarding Dashclix.

As aforementioned, Dashclix is a PTC website. Therefore, its main function is to offer you the ads and you will earn money by watching the ads. This is the simplest way to earn money on the internet but at the same time hard way to earn good money or any kind of money. The PTC sites are not recommended by us. It is because they take much time of members and did not pay according to the worth of work he/she has already performed.

It is working in Revenue sharing model which is nothing but also a type of Ponzi scheme. Its simple to understand that the company does not have any solid plan to pay its members sustainably. The company claims “Buy shares and earn up to 30%”. Ponzi scheme is the one in which company pays to its old members from the money invested by the new members.

The company main source of earning and member main sources of earning is the advertisement. The company earns money by allowing its space to use for advertisement and member earn money by viewing the ads. But the problem with Dashclix is that advertisement that it is showing is self-sponsored by the Dashclix website. It means they do not have any advertiser it means they do not have any revenue. The question arises is that if the company does not has any revenue then how it will pay to its members? It is because of such discrepancies we do not recommend PTC websites like Dashclix.

The minimum payout limit on this website is 0.02Dash. If you are wondering how much 0.02Dash is in USD then, it is approx. 5.50USD. It is because the price of one Dash (at the time of writing this article) is 279.83 USD. It is pointless to view ads on this website and earn money, it is so because you need to click at least 6,666 advertisements to reach the minimum cash out.

Referrals are also used by Dashclix website to increase its website traffic and for members, it works as one of the components to earn money. The earning via referrals also not good because when you refer someone to this website, most of the people will not work on this website because of a complex earning system. If your referrals are not the active one then you will not be going to earn much on this website. The company also offer rented referrals. The rented referrals are bots in the reality. They are controlled by the admin of the website. What happens with rented referrals, when the company faces some losses they reduce the per click rate of your rented referrals. It means you lose your money without your fault. Therefore, we never recommend the PTC websites.

There is no comment section, discussion forum and about us for any help or support. So, we cannot get the feedback from the people who are worked on this website and face problem due to company discrepancies. But you can find complaints against this website in other forums.


Dashclix is Not Recommend by us. It is not possible to earn money on this website. There is nothing systematic on this website. The company is not able to pay the amount of work you do in this company. Therefore, it is our advice to avoid this website. The Dashclix is not the legit or authentic website.

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If you have any doubt about the Dashclix website, you can share it with us in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.