Decluttr app review: What is Decluttr app? Is Decluttr app Scam?

Decluttr app review: What is Decluttr app? Is Decluttr app Scam?

In this world full of gadgets and electronic items, there are many unused products rambling in our house. Once the boredom surrounds us by using similar products daily, we cannot even think of trashing it as those gadgets when bought were expensive and in case you wish to trash such items then there are some places which won’t let you trash it. When obviously you don’t feel like trashing such items then you can probably turn to apps like Decluttr where you can sell those products which you are in rare use. In this article we will be discussing some questions like Is Decluttr is a scam or legit? Does Decluttr app pays in real or not?

What is Decluttr app?

Decluttr app review What is Decluttr app Is Decluttr app Scam

Decluttr began in 2004 and is located in Kennesaw, Georgia. It is an online website and you can choose to buy and sell a variety of items. The company also provides an advantage of using an app and it can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices. The products include CDs, DVDs, Apple and other computer products, cell phones, video games, books, etc and you can even earn money from its affiliate program.

How Decluttr app does works?

Decluttr app provides an opportunity to people to sell products which are unwanted and of no further use like books, electronics and computer parts, CDs, DVDs, video games, etc. The processing of the app as well as the website is pretty simple. Once you type the name of the item you are trying to sell then you will receive a quote which contains the information about how much the company is willing to pay you for the particular product. For this you need to scan the barcode of the product you want to sell and check the app how much cash you will get for it. If you are satisfied with the price you will be paid for the product you want to sell then you may pack the items in the box and attach the prepaid shipping label and you will even not be charged for shipping.

There are two parts of the hubs within the app – “Basket part” and “Add Items” part. Fortunately, Decluttr app also provides a referral program and you refer your friend and when your friend create an account using your referral code and the moment your friend starts selling your account will immediately will be credited with $10. Before selling your products you should carefully read all the “Terms and Conditions” mentioned by the company as the company do not accept those products which do not meet their Conditions.

What is Affiliate program of Decluttr?

As it can be assumed that Decluttr affiliate program is not so bad but is not so good even. The reason for considering it bad is that most of the times people by themselves joins this company to try it own and own. Hence, it becomes hard to make people join through the affiliate promotion link and buy stuffs. And over time it becomes hard unless we know the internet marketing techniques within the Decluttr to find the relevant customers. When our affiliates who have joined through promotional links do not make any purchases, then we earn nothing.  Therefore, it’s always better to work with those companies whose affiliate program offers various items to choose, not the limited ones like Decluttr. There are many companies whose affiliate programs are best to use like Amazon.

In a nut shell, we even cannot consider it that bad. If you have good knowledge about the online business and internet marketing in order to attract more customers then you can definitely earn money by the affiliate program of Decluttr also. In case you do not have much knowledge about the working of the affiliate programs of the companies like Decluttr and even Amazon etc, then we specifically recommend you take internet marketing as well as online business training where you will not learn only about how to make money via affiliate marketing but you will also learn how to earn money by making your own website in your interested subjects. The No1 recommended site named Wealthy Affiliate which provides you various training.

Complaints by the user of the Decluttr:

  • Therefore the company restricts the purchase of the items which are damage or are not in their original cases. So, you should be aware of the products which you wish to sale to the company like CDs, DVDs, etc. If the products do not have a barcode, then the company will not accept it. So you can either choose that the items should be send back to you or you can let them keep it.
  • Particularly, you need to have at least $15 of the worth of sellable items before the company assigns you a prepaid shipping label. If you wish to sell old books, CDs, etc and the company pays you quarter of that , then you will need to add some more items to get your money.
  • By using Decluttr app you won’t be able to make a lot of many in order to pay back your loan, so you need not to quit your job. Thus, this app only pays a little for those items which are of no use to you.
  • Personages find a lot of problem about eh pricing of the sellable products. People face many problems because of the difference between the price which they find while entering the barcode and the revised price which people get after shipping their items to the company.

How does the Decluttr pay you?

The price you get for the items you sell totally depends on the shape of the products. Decluttr either pays by direct deposit, PayPal or check. The payments are processed immediately the next day when the company receives the product. Checks take up to 10 business days depending on where you live while direct deposit takes 3 days.

Is Decluttr scam or legit?

Yes we do recommend this app and we have even included Decluttr app in our “Trusted and Legit section”.  But this definitely cannot bring a decent amount of income in your pocket. Now, by using this app you can get rid of unwanted items like video games, books, CDs, electronics items, etc.

  If you have doubts and queries intruding in your mind then please feel free to comment in our “Comment Section” below.  We would be really helpful.